NASA Has Found Something That Could Prove The Existence Of Aliens

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The Hubble telescope has found Another sea on Europa, one of Jupiter’s 67 perplexing moons. This revelation has confused the researchers at NASA.

A huge waterway –, for example, this one – is fundamental to the endurance of life. Thus, Europa is broadly thought to be the universe’s most obvious opportunity at holding an outsider living thing.

The planet-chasing telescope, which was liable for finding removed systems that demonstrated the universe is extending, has struck again a lot to the delight of outsider trackers all over the place.

Researchers and UFO aficionados anticipate with goaded breath, as NASA intend to communicate their official declaration on 26 September at 6pm.

The board will incorporate Paul Hertz, head of the Astronomy Division at NASA HQ in Washington and Jennifer Wiseman, senior Hubble venture researcher, among different cosmologists and educators.

An official NASA representative stated:

Stargazers will introduce results from a one of a kind Europa watching effort that brought about amazing proof of movement that might be identified with the nearness of a subsurface sea on Europa.

The sea is believed to be multiple times as profound as Earth’s and may contains multiple times the volume of all our planet’s fluid water.

Fingers crossed the outsiders can swim!

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