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In the year 2000, a 1500-year-old Bible was found that ensures that Jesus Christ was not crucified and this, thanks to all the data that has been discovered about it, it is estimated that this Bible was kept secret during all these years since 2000 since It is written on treated leather and in an Aramaic dialect, which indicates and assumes that it was written at the time of Jesus Christ, since this was the language spoken at that time.

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Many of the beliefs and influences of Christianity, as well as other related religions, come from Bibles that were written about 2,000 years ago when Jesus was alive. Bibles are the closest thing to convincing proof of the existence of Jesus Christ. All the testaments that have been written sometimes do not coincide due to small differences within the text, most likely because there have been multiple authors, but the world has never seen a Bible that tells a very different story, especially admitting that Jesus was not Crucified .

The Bible is not really a Bible, but a book written by Saint Barnabas, one of Paul’s associates. The book was discovered when some A̳n̳c̳i̳e̳n̳t̳ thieves were caught in 2000 trying to smuggle the Bible and other artifacts worth millions. The book is valued at $28 million and appears to have references to the Gospel of Barnabas from the Bible. The book is handwritten in Syriac, an Aramaic dialect that is also the native language of Jesus.

What happened to Jesus?

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Experts who have analyzed the book consider it to be at least 1,500 years old, but it could be even older. Within this book, the story takes a very different approach. Instead of Jesus, Judas was crucified and Jesus went up to heaven while he was still alive. Another very important and different aspect is that the book does not present Jesus as the son of God, but only as a person who spoke the word of God.

The book also calls the apostle Paul an impostor, which makes things really interesting, since Saint Barnabas (the believed author of this book) was an associate of the apostle Paul. Would this mean that the apostle Paul forced Saint Barnabas to write a different story about Jesus? It’s hard to tell, but this is an interesting aspect that kind of puts Christianity in a good light from biblical events, but overlooks other religions, like Islam.

If Jesus really rose to heaven alive, then in the eyes of some people he would make much more sense based on faith. This would also conclude with some of the codices written around the same time mentioning that Jesus will return to Earth for a millennium to bring peace to our world and eradicate evil humans.

Is the book real or fake?

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When the New Testament was written, the Council of Nicaea (known as the first council in the history of the Christian church) chose the information that would be included in this Bible. They deliberately omitted everything that has been mentioned in the Gospel of Barnabas, as well as in other gospels, in favor of more canonical texts.

Why is it that only a group of people can choose what is considered “the correct and true texts”? Some say that the council had a reason for not choosing the Gospel of Saint Barnabas and it may have something to do with the missing information about the de̳a̳t̳h̳ of Saint Barnabas. There is no information about the de̳a̳t̳h̳ of Saint Barnabas, which makes him the only Saint who does not mention his de̳a̳t̳h̳ in the scriptures.

Even the Vatican took a keen interest in this aspect of Biblical events, so much so that they requested to see the book, but the Turkish government had refused their request without giving a reason. All the experts who have been allowed to analyze the book claim that the Bible is original and definitely not that many people have mentioned “a hoax”. Besides the rarity of finding someone today who not only understands but is able to write Syriac, the way the book is made is very traditional in those times. All the pages are made of animal skin and the font is very difficult to replicate.

There is a huge debate online that has been going on for years about the authenticity of the book, as well as the information that is presented within. However, in my opinion, it should all come down to faith, since this is religion. Although, it seems that Christianity is very rooted in its Biblical events and would not want people to think that things have happened otherwise. Let us not forget that the archives of the Vatican Apostolic Library are not public and even for those who become scholars, they must be over 75 years of age to gain access.

I think there is much more to this world and much information from the Biblical era is hidden and kept secret, for what exact reason I don’t know, but usually the truth would cause a great negative effect.

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