Mayan Calendar Messages Encoded in the New Crop Circle “Pentagram”

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The first part of this code is already known. At least for those who know that, in the Aztec stone, which includes the Aztec calendar (analogous to the Mayan calendar), there is a pentagram inserted in the central solar disc (the face of the Sun god Tonatiuh). Many people are unaware that this glyph has a key. In fact, he doesn\’t know much about this fantastic calendar stone, which is necessary to fully understand the key implied in the crop circle that appeared on June 29, 2020 at Cheesefoot Head in Hampshire (UK).

It is evident that the internal form of the Pedra do Sol (Aztec) should have a hidden pentagram, since the pentagram depicting the synodic cycles of Venus in the sky was known to Mesoamerican astronomers. Furthermore, such cycles are the central component of the complex Mayan-Aztec calendar.

Synod cycle: Venus: the time of 8 Earth orbits is the time of thirteen Venusian orbits, exposing to the sky the image of a pentagram whose vertices are the alternative positions of Venus within these cycles.
And the inner disk containing the 20 seals in the calendar touches the orbit of the planet Venus represented in the Stone together with the other planetary orbits around the Sun, Mercury to Saturn, with the edges representing the Milky Way (the two fire snakes) the external disk called Xiuhcoatles.

The disc with the 20 seals of the Mayan calendar is analogous to the inner disc of the Aztec stone. The disc in this Mayan representation has 19 seals and the 20th and final seal (AHAU), is on the back of the Maya.

Faced with this new pentagram model crop circle (and other crop circles of the same style, have done the same in previous seasons), we see an incredible symmetry with the Aztec stone of the Sun and the fact that, by inserting the same pentagram in the inner face of the stone, circumscribing the face of the sun god, the disc of 20 stamps is marked in six total points, which will correspond to the seals 1, 5, 9, 13, 17 and 20.

An incredible decoding appears here, as an attached message of interpretation of this magnificent calendar in terms of the end of the cycle, countdown and planetary transition. Not only for the meaning of these figures or seals, but also for their sum. Adding 1 5 9 13 17 20 = 65, which is the sum of the “elements” of the new crop circle, that is a 5-pointed star plus the 60 geometric sectors marked in the mandala around the star: 5 60 = 65.

The geometric division of the crop circle, into 15 sectors and a four-level mandala, produces a total of 60 geometric sectors. Together with the five points of the star, they produce the number 65.

Other codes aside tell us about the seals 13 and 17, which govern the stone in a total sense, and the seal 15 which, although not marked by the points of the star on the disc of 20 seals, rules the future race, 15-MEN (Eagle) . The 15 comes from the angular division of the crop circle (360/15). Much has been said about seal 15, the Eagle, which will be the name and seal of the future race, the sixth in the sequence of the Earth (according to the teachings of the Vedas and Theosophy). And there are even biblical resonances with this truth.

For example, starting with the writer of the Apocalypse, John, represented by an eagle among the four evangelists. And Revelation 8 itself writes that, at a certain moment, a great eagle would appear screaming in the sky to announce the three final trumpets that would sound from the angels, the last warnings for humanity. These and other codes related to the Mayan calendar and Aztec stone have already been reported by many crop circles and, again, the reporting occurs in mid-2020.

The Aztec artists of the Stone of the Sun or Pedra do Sol then marked six seals (in the five points of the star that touch the ring of 20 seals represented around Tonatiuh, the Sun), to leave hidden messages within the visible content of the stone calendar.

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