UFOs spotted on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul have left mysterious “SIGNS” on the sand

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According to the report of Brazilian ufologists, at 19.30 on 23 June 2020, on the beach of Cidreira, on the northern coast of Rio Grande do Sul, two colored spheres varying in color between gold and orange and of indefinite size, were spotted in the sky of the north coast of Rio Grande. The event took place near the beaches and the spheres caused a “soundless explosion” before their disappearance, which even “illuminated the few clouds that existed at the time”. Shortly before the disappearance, the spheres would have illuminated some parts of the Cidreira beach with beams of light, leaving mysterious “marks” on the sand. It all happened in seconds.

Mysterious beams of light emitted on the beach by UFOs spotted in the Rio Grande do Sul region, on the night of June 22, left mysterious marks in the sand.

Mysterious symbols left by UFOs on the sand

It all started with a series of reported sightings in the region of Cidreira, Rio Grande do Sul, where there is a tradition that it is a place of portals and mystical energies, etc., probably near some UFO bases, as is common in the areas of many sightings in other parts of the world.

As mentioned above, the events took place on June 22nd and the following day strange circular marks were left on the beaches of Cidreira, but unfortunately, they were not taken seriously by ufologists and many people did not give them any credit. Few images without the total precision of the photographs taken on the spot, were what we had, until the sea and the winds erased the drawings … and they did, because, seven days later, a cyclone passed through the region and nothing remains of the mysterious alien signs, let alone, simple drawings in the sand.

Even in the face of limited and perhaps incomplete images, researcher Jonas Passos was able to identify some patterns that explain how to reveal the message sent in those symbols imprinted on the sand by UFOs, symbols that were complex and structured within a ‘ interesting mathematical and geometric sequence.

“This is a very well structured model that leaves nothing to be desired in relation to English crop circles well designed by their creators

Indeed, the cyclone bomb that arrived after those sightings and messages in the sand leaves no doubt that there was some attempt at alert, because we know that UFO activities generally occur in parallel with risk or catastrophe scenarios, such as wars. , volcanoes, risk of nuclear explosions, falling asteroid fragments or meteors, etc.

Local investigators, such as police and citizens, initially thought that those mysterious signs on the beach after the UFO sighting were all human work. Or at least, they questioned more and teased less of everything.

The “sand circles”, which were drawn in a harmonious structure, and all the circles used in the large diagram, had a pattern: all 26 circles were composed, that is, made up of concentric circles, an image generally used to represent the propagation of energy waves in any medium, gravitational, sound, seismic wave. Or, if we transform the model into spirals, into cyclones.

The formation in the sand, as I could report from the image, consists of at least 26 circles divided into three parts, according to the diagram, parts A, B, C:

Part A
Nine (9) (concentric) circles composed in an aligned sequence and with increasing and then decreasing dimensions, in harmonic progression and regression. This is the most indefinite part of the image (see the photo above), but everything indicates that there are nine circles in “alignment”.

Parts B and C

Part B
A large circle visible in the sand circle, is made up of about 36 levels inside it.

Part C
Sixteen smaller circles are in a symmetrical arrangement around the large circle, like satellites, each with 4 levels (concentric circles).

Part A, therefore, shows this alignment of nine circles in a sequence such as: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1, i.e. it passes to a maximum level (5) and then begins to decrease towards the original level (1).

From this image above, taken from the other side of the formation, we see that, apparently, the series of nine circles begins with a seven-level (concentric) circle, which, applied in the 1-2-3-4-5 -4 progression -3-2-1, becomes:
P = 7-8-9-10-11-10-9-8-7
This is an estimate, as we have no better images that prove this is the exact sequence of layers of those 9 objects. Looking at the way these nine circles were arranged, they seem to represent a pulse of energy that expands and then contracts, until it disappears.

The cyclone that hit Brazil behaved exactly like this: it began in a weak phase in the ocean and began to gain strength as it approached the continent, reaching an energy peak which, later on, began to dilute and move away from the continent. Brazil, until it disappears. This is the first idea that the image has passed as a possible interpretation, the cyclone itself walking across the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere and increasing in size and power, until it reaches full strength on the coast, and then, decreasing until disappear, moving.

But cyclones are not the only idea of ​​the image and the message

We are talking about planetary alignments, which are happening intensely between the months of June and July, and powered by the ongoing solar (21.06) and lunar (05.07) eclipses.
Note that the UFO wave in Rio Grande do Sul occurred immediately after the eclipse (on June 22).
And by that time planetary arrangements were already forming, causing these and other geological disturbances (the great 7.5 degree earthquake in Mexico, immediately following the eclipse, on June 23.

Therefore, this sequence of nine circles that increase and decrease can also represent the GRAVITATIONAL PULSE or rather a GRAVITATIONAL PULSE, a sort of energy wave impulse emitted after the solar eclipse and in the strengthening of planetary alignments involving Mercury, Venus, Earth. , Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the PlanetX object of “Forbidden Astronomy” (Nemesis aka Nibiru dei Gentili), all aligned on the same side of the Sun.

The same number of those circles lined up on the beach, in part A of the “Circle of sand”. In fact, I recall that the number NINE (9) has appeared strongly in English circles as a pattern of repetition. This is an interesting parallel to highlight here. The Sand Circle (circle in the sand) was probably built in the night between 22/06 and 23/06 (the day of the earthquake in Mexico). Now, the cyclone bomb arrived in Brazil on 06/30, with effects felt until the first day.
Counts the days from 22 to 30 June. Nine days

The cyclone arrived on DAY 9 of the sightings in the southern region of Brazil, as this part A of the diagram accurately illustrated. Coincidences? ”




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