Fourth UFO shot down by the US, this time over Lake Huron


Latest update on the unidentified objects flying over the US and Canada:

Yesterday the US Airforce has shot down another unidentified flying object, this time the object was shot down over Lake Huron and they are going to recover the debris to analysis the object.
The Pentagon has refused to rule out the recent unidentified objects shot out of the sky could be aliens. US Air Force General Glen VanHerck said intelligence services were exploring all avenues – including the three most recent objects may be linked to extraterrestrials.
Asked whether he had ruled out ‘aliens or extraterrestrials’, he said: ‘I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything’ reports the Dailymail.
It seems as that the US air force has more information about these mysterious objects and although they refuse to give an explanation, the statement of US Air Force General Glen VanHerck is remarkable.
Next, it seems that China will also have to deal with these unidentified flying objects. Sky News Asia Correspondent Brent O’Halloran says the Chinese authorities are considering shooting down an unidentified flying object after it was “detected” near a “port city” in the Northern Shandong province.
So far;
02-04-2023: Chinese Spy Balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina
02-10-2023: Airborne object shot down over Alaska, Dead Horse
02-11-2023: Airborne object shot down over Northern Canada near Mayo, Yukon
02-11-2023: Airborne object detected on radar over Montana
02-12-2023: Airborne object show down over Lake Huron
The next three videos provide an update on the latest development on these unidentified flying objects whereby the third video from MRMBB333 provides more detailed insight including footage of a transport of a UFO-like object and a footage of a series of unidentified objects flying over the Argentine Sea.

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