Mysterious spheres were at the top of the pyramids

More than ten years of research by the Spanish architect Miguel Perez Sanchez made it possible to accurately reconstruct the original appearance of the Great Pyramid of Cheops using a computer and to determine that at its top was a sphere more than two meters in diameter.

According to a study by the architect Miguel Perez Sanchez, a series of impossible figures with the number pi, e, and continuous references and relations with the star Sirius give a new perspective on the great encyclopedia of knowledge that is the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

The Great Pyramid, the most important building of the Old Kingdom, was built during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu (2550 BC to 2527 BC), the second pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty, whom Herodotus calls Cheops.

This building has now lost its original coating in white limestone, and its top has lost 9 meters in height, so its exact shape is still not known, Perez Sanchez is convinced.

The sphere that crowned the pyramid, according to Perez-Sanchez, symbolized the Eye of Horus and had a diameter of 2,718 royal cubits (2.7 meters), which corresponds to the size of the number e.

He adds that this sphere was simultaneously proportional to the Sun and to Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, which was associated with Isis.

Today we know that the Great Pyramid’s primary baseline dimension is harmonically integrated with the Earth via a ratio of 1/14400 and the latitude location has been shown to possess an association of the more decisive with the frequency of the Earth’s tropical year.

Pérez-Sanchez explained that in addition to the sphere, this reconstruction made it possible to know “the angle of inclination of 51.84°, the support platform of the sphere around the perimeter of pi (m) cubits real, and the height of the top of the pyramid 277,778 real cubits, equal to the quotient of 1,000,000 divided by 3600”.

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According to him, the discovery of the original shape and dimensions of the Great Pyramid, as well as its reconstruction and analysis, revealed an architecture based on mathematical, geometric, geodetic and astronomical calculations.

The original surface of the pyramid, “today in a state of disrepair”, represented 100,000 times the number pi (μ), so that in about 3,000 years we will come closer to knowing the μ.

The Egyptians possessed “unexpected scientific knowledge, among which, it should be noted, the use of the Pythagorean theorem two millennia before the wise Samian, the accuracy of the determination of the number pi with 6 decimals, postponed from 3 millennia, as well than knowledge of the number e. Earth, Sun and Sirius, predicted for more than 4 millennia.

We know the pyramid was not built as a tomb, so this theory we know is incorrect. Many theorists have speculated that the Great Pyramid of Giza may have been built to serve as a giant power station. The Great Pyramid is so precise and so exact that it must have served a far greater purpose.

Nikola Tesla may have been trying to replicate what the ancient Egyptians did in the distant past.

So what do these two have in common? According to, the location of the Great Pyramid of Giza was not chosen at random, and curiously, that of Tesla’s Knob Hill either.

It is believed that Tesla chose Knob Hill because of the latitude which allowed him a favorable displacement of an energy arc length from the Earth’s equator.

As many researchers have stated, the separation of arc lengths between Tesla’s laboratory at Knob Hill and the equator is harmonically related to the separation of arc lengths between the Great Pyramid of Giza and the equator, all this by means of the numerical sequence of the sexagesimal system.

Here we have the Great Pyramid of Giza and Tesla’s laboratory, both specifically placed and built for an incredible purpose of which we are unaware.

Tesla’s amazing lab was built for the purpose of transmitting power wirelessly over great distances, which would be the same reason the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza, which would explain a lot of puzzles concerning the pyramid and its objective.

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