Tiny Humanoid Skeletons 600 Million Years Old Discovered in Antarctica

Anthropological research may never stop, because it is always in search of a new discovery. That’s why today we’re going to look at a very strange discovery in Antarctica.

Discovery of the first skeleton

A contradictory discovery

A particular urban saying says that life is made of coincidences; And that’s the case. Letting the world know about this strange species that set foot on our planet more than 600 million years ago did not go as planned.

A small expedition of reporters from the National Reporter had a job. To debunk a newspaper that talked about supposed alien bases, but it backfired. They came across a group of paleontologists who made a major discovery that could support the idea of ​​an alien base.

The mysterious skeletons

Paleontologists did not initially aim to search for such fossilized skeletons. They were looking for clues to ancient colonies of dinosaurs that lived in the area, but much to their luck (or bad luck), plans changed.

Discovery of a second skeleton

They found inside sedimentary rocks a very small humanoid skeleton, no taller than 30 centimeters. They estimated the age of the skeleton at over 600 million years, with 100% certainty. The second rested on another piece of stone, but this one was in a better state of preservation.

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