NASA wants to create a solar-powered levitating spacecraft

With this new technology, NASA aims to save fuel for future missions on Earth and in space.

NASA is experimenting with a new technology capable of levitating objects without the intervention of engines or fuel, with the intention of saving this precious material on future missions.

As this element causes enormous losses for the American space agency and consumes too many non-renewable resources of the Earth, an alternative is evaluated within the framework of this project.

According to a report by the newspaper El Confidencial, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration intends to develop a solar-powered system so that its future spacecraft can take off without using fuel.

However, as it is extremely complex to achieve this with solar panels alone, the agency’s scientists are looking for alternative energy sources that are more economical and more respectful of our planet.

Solar levitation, a new NASA project

Research conducted by NASA in collaboration with scientists from the University of Pennsylvania aims to create spacecraft powered by solar energy.

The technology has already been successfully tested on small objects and is now being scaled up so that it can be used for space exploration.

The project consists of levitation mechanisms to keep the spacecraft in the sky without the need for conventional fuel.

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Additionally, it contains a photophoretic propulsion that “occurs when a solid is heated relative to the surrounding gas through illumination, inducing a momentum exchange between the solid and the gas”, according to the explanation of the ‘Research Unit.

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