Bob Lazar: “The truth behind Area 51 and aliens”

A documentary about Bob Lazar, the “messiah” of ufology, has shed light on his extraordinary revelations about Area 51 and the existence of aliens and alien spacecraft.

According to Lazar, he was hired by the US military for the complex task of reverse engineering alien technology in the possession of the US government.

In an early interview with reporter George Knaap of the Las Vegas television station KLAS in late 1989, Lazar said he worked in a secret underground laboratory called S4, located eight miles south of the Area 51 base.

According to the scientist, the site contained several disc-shaped alien craft that appeared to be damaged.

Looking inside one of these craft, he noticed that it was designed for short pilots, even smaller than an average human being.

Lazar immediately told his closest friends about what he did and saw daily at the base. Quickly, the base authorities became aware of the employee’s infidelity and he was immediately fired.

The Air Force has also completely disassociated itself from Bob Lazar and what he was saying.
However, after arduous research, Knapp came across another secret facility, the Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL) in New Mexico, and discovered that Lazar had also worked there. At the same time, LANL categorically denied.

It should be noted that Bob Lazar claimed to be a graduate of the California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but neither of these degrees could be verified.

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In the early 1990s, Lazar’s revelations generated great media interest, becoming important testimony to individuals and/or groups specializing in UFO (unidentified flying object) research.

It also helped Area 51 acquire a legendary aura that it retains today, as well as a reputation for being, allegedly, a secret facility where alien-related research was once conducted.

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