Aliens are watching us and hiding among us

A group of eminent scholars from the University of California have come up with a very peculiar hypothesis, that extraterrestrials may have been among us for a long time and are here as observers of our customs and technology.

Although they have no hard evidence to support the hypothesis they state, this theory is based on the study of ancient sources, where it is mentioned or alluded to that humanity was visited by beings interstellar for a very long time, collaborating with the human race in various aspects of its evolution.

What were the statements of this group of experts?

In a press conference promoted by these scientists, they revealed the conspiracy theory that, for a long time, extraterrestrials have been intermingling with our society with the aim of observing the behavior of humans, their habits, their strengths and their weaknesses, in order to decide whether they take sides for the evolutionary advancement of humanity on the physical, technological and mental level.

They have adopted the human appearance so that their camouflage is more effective and does not arouse any suspicion of their presence, taking as reference the animals and insects present in nature, because the study of historical archives shows that these beings are among us since long before the establishment of the company as such.

According to Adrian Kent, of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, the subject of extraterrestrial civilizations was discussed freely and seriously during the 20th century, especially after the publication by the CIA of classified information on the so-called affair of Roswell, while the military was involved in the event.

What happened back then?

It was in the 1980s that some sort of flying disc was located and crashed, leaving traces of its parts, which were transported to a nearby base, just as it is suggested that US President John F Kennedy, prior to his assassination, asked the Central Intelligence Agency to organize documentation relating to the Roswell case, but soon after he was assassinated and denied access to the requested material.

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There are many testimonies where the population indicates having directly witnessed the observation of these strange unidentified flying objects, claiming in some cases to have had direct contact with the crew of these vessels and to have entered them for the study of their physiognomy by these extraterrestrials.

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