A huge unidentified flying object landed in Saudi Arabia – Everything was filmed by a local resident

A bizarre video has gone viral around the world within minutes of being uploaded to YouTube. This video sparked a wave of debate in the ufology community.

This is mysterious footage of what appears to be a UFO landing in Saudi Arabia. The video has a reasonable texture and is not blurry or choppy.

The landing of an unidentified aircraft in the desert is shown very clearly in the film. Shortly after arrival, the UFO unfolds what appears to be a staircase and silhouettes of unseen entities can be seen descending from the UFO.

Quickly, the creatures climb into the UFO and take off at a speed unfathomable for our modern technology.

The fact that only one of these species remains on the planet is strange. You will see how this alien tries to explore the surroundings at the end of the video.

We have no idea if this video is authentic or a hoax, but one thing is for sure: it deserves our attention and further investigation.

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Watch the video below.

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