Ruins of Ancient Alien Civilization Discovered on Mars in Elysium Plantia Region

A number of structures have been discovered on Mars, including those that appear to have been built by technologically sophisticated creatures.

These are probably the ruins of a long-extinct alien civilization. Humanity would have nothing to complain about if they discovered sentient life on another planet. The presence of extraterrestrial life on Mars, on the other hand, is only a stone’s throw from Earth. Therefore, NASA prefers Earth to remain in darkness.

The United States intends to keep this discovery a secret to see if NASA can monitor any extraterrestrial technology that could benefit humanity.

Consider the following scenario: On Mars, you encounter a faulty implant. However, you discover that the artificial intelligence of computers is a totally new concept for mankind. NASA software is loaded into existing technologies and used to monitor the planet’s trajectory. This is the most likely outcome.

Just look at the images to be convinced: something seems to have been built artificially on Mars. Several objects on the surface of Mars appear in different images, such as NASA’s MRO, which captured the entire Earth for decades.

Mars is only a fraction of the size of Earth, with half the diameter. Its area is almost equal to the total area of ​​the Earth. Although the Earth’s density is 15% of its volume and 11% of its mass, it produces about 38% of the planet’s gravity.

In some ways, Mars’ atmosphere is similar to that of Earth’s moon. The researchers found that Mars looked much more like Earth, with an atmosphere, oceans, streams and rivers on its surface.

Scientists Say Mars Once Contained So Much Water It Could Have Been An Oceanic World

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Although NASA has revealed that Mars could have supported life as we know it, the Red Planet’s atmosphere has been destroyed and conditions on the planet no longer reflect those on Earth.

According to scientists, a cosmic event such as the sudden reversal and rotation of the magnetic field caused the slow destruction of our neighbor’s environment.

It used to be comfortable, but now it’s been torn down. This, on the other hand, happens years in advance. If so, Mars might have been a better place for the development of extraterrestrial life, since it was much cooler and wetter when it was younger.

Every day new images of Mars reveal a previously unknown mystery. Over the past two years, alien hunters around the world have analyzed millions of images of Mars. They believe these images show structures on the Earth’s surface that appear to be man-made.

Are there any areas on Mars where Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) images have been discovered? structures? Uncertainty hovers.

Elysium Planitia, located near Mars’ equator, is home to a number of structures that have sparked a long debate online about the possibility of ancient life on the planet.

Would the images be considered controversial? They were launched into space by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Thanks to MRO photographs and subsequent mapping of the planet by the space agency, unusual anomalies have been discovered on Mars. incredibly large craters? proofs

The moon’s “secondary craters”, as shown in the map specifications, remain a mystery to astronomers. The US Space Agency has admitted that it does not have a definitive answer to this riddle.

As for the rest of the planet’s atmosphere, the photographs above are just the tip of the iceberg. structures? Experts who study the surface of Mars believed these structures were proof that an ancient civilization had inhabited the planet.


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