NASA stupor: Scientist staggeringly admits life has already been discovered on Mars

A former NASA scientist says he is “convinced” that life was discovered on Mars in 1970, when the space agency sent a rover there.

Dr Gilbert Levin, who worked on Viking landers in the 1970s, believes NASA has already answered the “ultimate question” of whether Mars is hiding extraterrestrial life. In a blog post by the American scientist, Dr. Levin said that the rover he worked on encountered biological formations that revealed the presence of microbial organisms.

He explained that a total of four positive results were transmitted by the space probe, suggesting that there was life on Mars.

He said: “On July 30, 1976, the LR returned its first results from Mars. Surprisingly, they were positive. »

“As the experiment progressed, a total of four positive results, supported by five different verifications, were reported by the sister spacecraft Viking which touched down approximately 6,400 km away.

“The data curves indicate the detection of microbial respiration on the red planet. »

“Mars curves were similar to those produced by LR soil testing on Earth. »

“It seemed that we had answered that last question. »

Viking probes had tested the ground for biological chemicals emitted by extraterrestrial microbes.

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If the result was positive, the landers would continue to bake the ground before returning for the same chemicals.

Gilbert Levin took part in Rover missions in the 1970s (Image: GILLEVIN.COM)

This method kills chemicals due to heat, which means that if microbes were present, the chemicals should have been detected in the first test but not in the second.

Dr. Levin said that is exactly what happened.

However, although these readings are backed up by five different checks, he claims that the results were rejected by NASA, which considered them to be false readings.

Dr Levin said this was because the surveys failed to detect organic matter, “the essence of life”.

The Mars 2020 mission tries to discover life by going deeper into the ground than before

He said this led NASA to conclude “that the LR had found a substance that mimicked life, but not life”.

Since the Viking landers touched down on the planet Mars more than 40 years ago, the following ones have not carried the instruments necessary to search for life.

According to Dr Levin, this prevented any follow-up to the “exciting results” obtained during the missions of the 1970s.

Later missions have sought to establish whether Mars was once a habitat suitable for life rather than whether life exists there today.

NASA’s federal budget has seen a sharp decline in recent years.

Dr Levin says the move set NASA back, because while life on Mars once seemed “a gamble, it would take almost a miracle for Mars to be barren”.

Next year, NASA will launch its Mars 2020 rover mission, hoping to find signs and traces of life on the Red Planet.

NASA physicist Jim Green believes the rover will be the first to discover evidence of life on Mars.

He told the Sunday Telegraph: “It will be revolutionary. It’s like when Copernicus said ‘no, we go around the Sun’. »

NASA scientist Jim Green fears the human race is not ready to accept extraterrestrial life.

NASA scientist Jim Green fears the human race is not ready for extraterrestrial life.

“It’s completely revolutionary. This will launch a whole new way of thinking. »

He added: “I’m worried about this because I think we’re close to finding the solution and making announcements. »

Despite his enthusiasm, the scientist admitted that he fears the human race is not ready for the announcement of the existence of life outside Earth.

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