This scientist invented a device to see multidimensional beings

Daniel Nemes is the man of the day, as he has always had a passion for inventing things related to science and astronomy, but he recently embarked on an almost impossible task: a device that would be technically capable to photograph and film multidimensional beings.

This idea came to him when he started reading about multidimensional matter in an online article about dark matter. Soon after, he wondered what these beings looked like and set out to find the truth.

He posted on his social media accounts that he was already familiar with black light, infrared and ultraviolet technologies, but wanted more than that. So he based his invention on them, but took it to a whole new level.

Shortly after his statement was released, he declared that his new invention, the Energivision, was complete and was also a total success.

Immediately after showing the images, attached here, he claimed that big companies such as NASA have tried to contact him to buy the technology before and he has repeatedly refused.

According to him, he will never allow the general media to take over his technology, because he does not trust them. He’s been silenced many times by the media in the past, and he won’t allow them to do so again with this new discovery.

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