Apollo 20: The secret mission to the Moon to recover an ancient alien spacecraft

According to Viewzone , we are talking about a huge spacecraft on the Moon that was discovered and photographed during the Apollo 15 mission. The story of this alien spacecraft has been circulating the web since around 2007.

The craft was believed to be a very large alien spacecraft that had crashed or been abandoned on the Moon in ancient times.

The craft’s existence is shrouded in mystery and it is said that there have been ‘classified NASA space missions’ to the Moon, with the scrutiny of the huge spacecraft as top priority.

The mystery continues with William Rutledge’s statement. Mr. William Rutledge (retired) claims to have been on a special NASA mission and involved with NASA in the late 1970s.

Rutledge claims to have worked on at least two missions to the Moon, including the failed Apollo 19 mission, and the Apollo 20 mission, which he says launched in August 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Both of these missions, according to Rutledge, were “secret joint space missions” resulting from collaborations between the US and Soviet governments. They don’t appear on any NASA mission lists, and if that’s true, it’s for good reason.

Now ‘The Why Files’ has made an amazing video about this mysterious alien spaceship and you may wonder if it’s all real, but at the end of the video he concludes, like many other people, that all the story of the Apollo 20 secret mission to the moon to save an ancient alien spacecraft was a hoax.

Some shocking comments about UFO technology

Some shocking comments about UFO technology

CIA Document: Soviet Soldiers Were Turned To Stone By Aliens

CIA Document: Soviet Soldiers Were Turned To Stone By Aliens

But… was it really a hoax, the above panoramic photo AS15-P-9630 (Atlas Apollo Images) proves the existence of the presence of a huge ancient spacecraft on the Moon.

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