The ancient “nuclear reactors” of the Lingams of Shiva: an extraterrestrial civilization in India?

A Shiva lingam is a sacred symbol in Hinduism representing Shiva. However, it is possible that these huge statues could have been something else in the past; old nuclear reactors and evidence of ancient astronauts.

Researchers have come up with a rather controversial theory: Shiva lingams may actually be ancient nuclear reactors and have a connection to ancient astronauts from India.

Ancient Shiva Lingam Nuclear Reactors

This theory is based on the fact that many statues show signs of extreme heat and radiation. Experts have noted that the stones used to create the monument are often discolored and have melted into each other.

Also, they found radiation in the stones, which is only possible if a nuclear reactor had been operating on the site.

Despite this evidence, critics point out that the signs of heat and radiation can be explained by natural causes, such as volcanic activity or exposure to radioactive minerals.

Furthermore, they claim that the ancient Indians did not possess the technology to build or operate nuclear reactors. They believe that the idea that ancient astronauts visited India and built nuclear reactors using shiva lingams is speculation.

But the idea that ancient extraterrestrials visited India in the past is not new. Ancient texts such as the Ramayana, the Mahabharata or the Vedas, tell stories of flying machines, advanced technology and genetic engineering, which could be references to advanced beings.

Some scholars believe that these texts are not mere legends, but accounts of reliable facts. But mainstream scholars insist there is no evidence of extraterrestrial visitation to ancient India.

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Despite the lack of evidence, the hypothesis of shiva lingams and nuclear reactors continues to be debated by researchers and scholars. Some think it’s nothing more than a fringe theory without critical arguments or scientific evidence, while others suggest it’s legitimate and worth investigating.

Astronomical and geographical knowledge impossible to acquire

It should be noted that there are several important Shiva temples in India, which could be aligned in a straight line. The researchers suggest that such an alignment is not a coincidence, but evidence of advanced ancient technology and astronomical and geographical knowledge to be able to align them so precisely.

Experts conclude that the theory that shiva lingams were used as an ancient nuclear reactor is highly speculative and not supported by conventional scientific evidence. The signs of heat and radiation in the statues are due to natural causes and there is no evidence that the ancestors of the Indians possessed the technology to build and operate them.

At the same time, the idea that ancient extraterrestrials visited and built such facilities is highly speculative and lacks evidence.

However, one phenomenon remains unresolved, namely the alignment of the temples. Although there is no evidence of the technology or knowledge needed to align the monuments with such precision, and the presence of extraterrestrials is also ruled out, no one has been able to resolve how they did it. .

Whether shiva lingams were actually an ancient nuclear reactor is basically impossible. Mainstream pundits would never admit such a thing, and would discredit any attempt to investigate.

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