A small village in England is an unexpected UFO hotspot

A small village in Derbyshire has attracted international attention for its link to UFO sightings.

Sometimes the most significant UFO sightings occur in the most unlikely places and the small village of Bonsall in Derbyshire, England certainly seems to fall into this category.

It wasn’t the sightings themselves that put this village, located on the edge of the Peak District, on the map – what’s most surprising is the international attention it has received.

Much of the activity focused on a two-year period beginning in October 2000, during which 19 sightings of unidentified flying objects were made in the skies of the region.

One sighting in particular made headlines – that of Sharon Rowlands who managed to capture a strange circular object on her camera.

Interest in his images of the phenomenon was so great that a Hollywood producer reportedly bought them for over $24,000. NASA officials even contacted her because the object she filmed matched an object spotted during the Space Shuttle’s STS-75 Columbia mission in 1996.

Sightings reported by other locals include an object described as a “ball of fire”, the appearance of two bright lights and even a “pink glow, vertical in shape like a shoebox”.

No definitive explanation for these sightings has ever been found.

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