What if the aliens were human beings from the future capable of going back in time?

Almost everyone has heard of aliens and UFOs, but what about future unidentified objects? Encounters with these extraterrestrials have been reported for decades.

If there’s one thing extraterrestrials want to tell us and make us believe, it’s that they come from other worlds, but are they being honest with us? Is there a direct link between the world of time travel and that of UFOs?

Why do aliens conveniently speak our languages? How is it that they can, without any problem, breathe our atmosphere? Why are they abducting us and using us in strange genetic experiments?

It is certain that we are not physically and genetically compatible with creatures from distant solar systems, but we are assured that we are, in fact, compatible.

It all seems too convenient and neatly staged. Maybe it’s because they don’t come from distant worlds after all. Maybe they’re from here, from Earth.

Not our Earth (so to speak), but the Earth of the future; the distant future, an Earth in ruins, at a time when the human race is dangerously close to extinction.

These beings would travel to the distant past, our present, and engage in clandestine programs of harvesting DNA, cells, sperm and eggs in an attempt to save what is left to us, in thousands of years. years.

Aware that people in the 20th and 21st centuries held deep beliefs regarding the concept of extraterrestrial life, they chose to adopt the forms of the stranger things we believe in, as a means of concealing their true identities…..

Could this be the absolute truth?

One of the main military witnesses to the famous UFO encounter in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England in December 1980, Sergeant Jim Penniston in 1994 used hypnotic regression in an attempt to recall deeply buried facts about what happened to him during that close encounter…

And under hypnosis, Penniston declared that our so-called extraterrestrials are, in fact, visitors from the distant future.

This future, Penniston added, “is very dark, plagued with infinitely deep problems, polluted and where the human race is overwhelmingly afflicted with reproductive problems.”

The answer to these same massive problems, the entities he encountered in the forest told him, is that they “travel to the distant past, to the present day, to obtain sperm, eggs and chromosomes. , all as part of an effort to ensure the continuation of tomorrow’s human race, which is in serious decline.

One possible way to travel through time is through what physics calls a “wormhole”, a term coined in 1957 by theoretical physicist John Wheeler.

The wormhole is essentially a shortcut through space and time; and although the existence of these so-called “time tunnels” has not yet been firmly proven, they do not go beyond the limits presented in Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

Of course, we have to remain somewhat skeptical in all of this. So far, there is no definitive evidence that we have (or have had) time travelers in our time.

And no, there’s no evidence that UFOs really are time machines, yet…

In other words, this is all very theoretical and speculative, but it’s good to open our minds and discuss topics that are out of the “normal”.

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