NASA’s solar satellite spotted a space object that suddenly changed direction

On December 20, 2022, an unknown body was heading in the direction of the Sun before abruptly changing direction, almost turning around without slowing down.

When a comet goes around the sun, it returns on the other side, but this object does not go around the sun, it makes a parabolic turn before going back into deep space.

It’s possible the object could have been an alien-piloted UFO, but YouTube channel Suspicious0bservers offers two other possibilities of what the object could have been.

One commenter states: Speed ​​and size would cause massive twisting and aggregate would likely break or burn. The idea that a planet-sized object can approach and deviate like this means that there is a force pulling it away from the sun. Another possibility is magnetic repulsion if the object’s energy is of opposite polarity to that of the sun and has reacted at that distance.

A second commentator says: It looks like it’s coming in front of the camera from behind, approaching the Sun, then passing it, in a parabolic curve. I think it’s just the perspective that makes it look like he’s approaching and then moving away. The only thing that shocks me is its size and speed. What if it hit Earth?

After watching the video and reading the comments, it’s clear that no one knows exactly what this planet-sized object could have been.

A UFO ? A natural spatial phenomenon? Or is it something to worry about!

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