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A galactic war? Laser beams were fired at Saturn’s outskirts

Astronomer Paula Gilley said in a video that she discovered a strange phenomenon near Saturn, which would be similar to a “galactic war”.

Gilley, who has long scanned the skies for anomalies, has also observed the Moon, Sun and various planets in his telescope. Today he discovered strange lights that look like laser beams from a galactic war.

A possible galactic war?

A few years ago, while observing Saturn, Paula saw something she had never seen before: unknown laser beams, shot from Saturn into outer space.

Although little technical information is provided in the video, the witness claims that the contrast and saturation of the images have been increased to make them more visible.

The astronomer said she had witnessed many pixel shapes, but had never seen laser pixels.

If they really were giant laser beams, it’s reasonable to assume that someone or something was shooting them, but why and at whom? Is it possible that a galactic war is underway?

The rays don’t appear to be aimed at Earth, so it’s unclear who or who they were specifically targeting.

Some researchers believe that there could be technical problems with the images recorded by the camera. It could be an optical effect called “aberration”. But the problem arises in a part of the video.

A gigantic “alien ship”

Norman Bergrun, former NASA scientist and aerospace specialist and author of “The Makers of the Rings of Saturn”, claimed that huge spacecraft lurk in Saturn’s rings and could be dangerous for the Earth and the world. solar system.

He claimed that the rings were formed by giant electromagnetic vehicles. Probably controlled by an intelligent civilization.

He added that there are elliptical spacecraft 11,000 kilometers in diameter and that they are around Saturn, inside the rings, absorbing energy and emitting visible gases.

Bergrun refers to these craft as “living alien craft” because they are self-contained and self-replicating.

He also established that other huge alien spaceships are watching other planets in the solar system and unfortunately they will eventually reach Earth.

Therefore, according to the former scientist himself, the laser beams that Paula saw are likely to come from these huge spaceships. It is even likely that a galactic war is underway without anyone knowing.

Footage of what happens can be seen on video. What’s really going on? Space conceals many enigmas of which we are unaware, but this is the first time that we have spoken of war.

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