Ufologist Predicts Death By ETs After First Contact

Would you consult a person who worked in government on UFO investigations, a psychic who claims he received his powers from space aliens and is in contact with them, or a priest who works for NASA in the field of first contacts if you wanted information on extraterrestrials, specifically what will happen when (assuming it hasn’t already happened) we make contact? If you were aware of what each of these individuals anticipates would transpire when space aliens and humans collide, would your response change? The psychic Uri Geller recently disclosed that he thinks extraterrestrial life would be helpful, treating human ailments and extending our lives over 200 years. Reverend Dr. Andrew Davison has been employed by NASA to assist the organization in preparing its own personnel and all other humans for the finding of extraterrestrial life. This shows that NASA is worried about the potential theological repercussions of first contact.

Nick Pope, a former government UFO researcher, is the only one left. Recently, he issued a warning, claiming that aliens are fleeing the region and have lost interest in Earth due to their fear of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia (but they like Queen Elizabeth II). He has just made a genuinely terrifying prediction on the results of the first extraterrestrial encounter.

It won’t look good.
If we are being visited, a society that has developed a workable method of interplanetary travel will be able to, if they so want, break this planet open like a nut.

What will they use as nutcrackers, then?

“Stealth fighters versus bows and arrows would be our only defense against an extraterrestrial invasion, and even that is underestimating the technology they would possess. Their science would be impossible to discern from magic. It’s so unbelievable nearly. The weapons that an extraterrestrial society may possess might instantly end all life.

The Sun reports that Pope thinks humanity will be “toast” if extraterrestrials arrive. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that there is a high likelihood that the extraterrestrial invasion will be hostile given the possibility of “trillions” of alien civilizations.

“You’re in jeopardy as soon as one super predator species appears,”

According to Pope, the emergence of extraterrestrial life on Earth will be analogous to the arrival of Europeans on the territories that would become the Americas. And we are aware of the outcome.

“Bows and arrows were the primary weapons used by Native Americans when European explorers came into contact with them.”

He believes that any society that can travel through space to Earth may be billions of years ahead of us, meaning that the difference between our weaponry and theirs would be tenfold bigger. That would resemble atomic bombs being dropped on fingernails. And then there are the foreign pathogens, viruses, and other pollutants, against which people will not be immunized or protected.

We have no hope of success.
While sci-fi movies portray aliens as aggressive, sci-fi television series tend to portray them as friendly. It’s hard to tell what the various governments of the globe believe about ETs, but it’s clear that they won’t all agree on the same course of action. People who think extraterrestrial life has already arrived refer to the fact that they haven’t wiped us out as evidence that they tend to be kind or at the very least tolerant. Nick Pope claims the chances are against good, whereas Uri Geller believes they are good. Will NASA’s priests be praying for the dead or seeking to convert extraterrestrial life?

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