‘Blazing UFO’ spotted over Colombian town

Several residents of a Colombian town were surprised to see a “flaming UFO” slowly descending in the sky.

According to local media, this curious sighting occurred last week at nightfall in the municipality of Ibagué, in western Colombia.

Several people outside at the time were shocked by a UFO that sported a long fiery tail and appeared to fall from the sky.

As in the case of a UFO sighting, many witnesses recorded the disturbing incident with their smartphones and later posted their videos on social media, leading to much speculation about the true origin of the UFO. ‘anomaly.

As is often the case with such cases, many netizens suggested it was extraterrestrial in nature, while skeptics said the anomaly had a prosaic explanation, such as a phenomenon known as pyroclastic flow, which occurs when a volcano erupts.

However, this theory was rejected because no volcanic activity was recorded on the same day and no seismic events were recorded.

Another possibility is that the “UFO” could have been a plane about to land and that the angle of the witnesses, as well as the light from the setting sun, gave the object an extraterrestrial appearance.

Another similar “object”

But what arguably caused the most stir was the fact that this sighting looks suspiciously like another that happened in 2018.

A fiery UFO was filmed by a witness with his smartphone camera in Brazil, but the flaming object was also spotted by hundreds of people over Frías, Argentina.

The strange flaming object appeared to fall directly to Earth. British and South American astronomers were genuinely perplexed by this mysterious V-shaped UFO.

Some witnesses said they saw the strange object change direction at least once. For their part, the inhabitants of Frias, surprised, expressed different opinions on the question.

Many said they first thought it was a meteor falling to Earth, but others described it as a point radiating lots of light and moving back and forth.

But older people said it was the first time they had seen something like it and it was clearly not a meteor or asteroid.

And as if the sighting wasn’t weird enough, astronomers said the object is unlikely to be a meteorite because it spent a long time burning.

Also, it was clearly seen changing direction. According to experts, this is unusual for a meteor.

Confusion among astronomers and scientific experts as to the origin of the strange object has sparked enthusiasm from ufologists and UFO supporters, who point out that this rare UFO sighting could be one of the best recent evidence.

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