New Ufos – Aliens

A super alien spacecraft could create ripples in spacetime

Gigantic super-advanced alien craft traveling the universe could create ripples in space-time and we could detect them.

LIGO could use gravitational waves – the ripples of spacetime – to detect giant super-advanced spacecraft as they traverse the universe.

Humanity seems very, very interested in knowing if we are alone in the vastness of the universe. We could very well be, but as Carl Sagan said, it would just be a huge waste of space. I don’t think that’s the case. I also think there’s a good chance that some of the UFOs we see flying around in the sky and in space are non-Earth technologies. This is still a theory, at least officially. However, several agencies like NASA and the Pentagon, for example, are working hard to find out. Now, a whole new aspect of research has been proposed. Scientists want to answer the question of whether there are super advanced aliens in space by detecting evidence of a super spacecraft.

A giant alien spaceship

If an alien civilization has reached a certain level of development that allows it to build a gigantic spaceship, we might be able to spot the traces that ship leaves behind. And to do that, scientists say we can look at gravitational waves because a mega spacecraft could probably affect gravitational waves. According to a recent paper by Applied Physics scientists, detectors such as LIGO could, in theory, identify gravitational wave disturbances left behind by a giant spacecraft moving through space. Applied Physics is an independent research group of scientists and engineers that advises businesses and governments on science, according to their website.

Use LIGO to hunt down aliens

The research paper, which is yet to undergo peer review, can be downloaded from the arXiv preprint server . It should be published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. In it, the scientists explain in an interesting way why LIGO might be the right tool.

Space-time ripples and aliens

Our ability to even search for technosignatures or even extraterrestrial messages in the universe is very limited to tens of thousands of stars. We simply haven’t developed a technology that allows for a broader search. As they explain, the types of electromagnetic waves we use to communicate get weaker and weaker as they move further out into the cosmos. This means that it is nearly impossible to filter out noise beyond a few hundred light years. This is when gravitational waves appear. It turns out that gravitational waves are not attenuated in the same way as electromagnetic signals. This means that we can therefore detect them at much greater distances. In other words,

As the University of Birmingham explains , “Gravitational waves are ripples in spacetime. When objects move, the curvature of spacetime changes, and these changes move outward (like ripples on a pond) as gravitational waves. »

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