Did Nostradamus predict the eruption of Yellowstone in 2023?

Researchers believe that Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) predicted a catastrophic volcanic eruption at Yellowstone. Interpreters of the words of Nostradamus claimed that about 500 years ago a medieval prophet predicted a terrible volcanic eruption.

The alleged prophecies, recorded by Nostradamus in Les Prophéties of 1555, led theorists to interpret and analyze what the French astrologer wrote.

“…an earthquake which will particularly concern the western zone of the New City, but which will be felt in the regions of the entire globe. A volcanic fire emanating from the center of the earth…”

Researchers claim that Nostradamus predicted a “volcanic fire”, an earthquake felt around the world, occurring in a “new town”. This theory has been presented in the past and spread all over the internet.

The followers of Nostradamus believe that a French astrologer wrote verses which mention a strong earthquake which will particularly affect the western part of the new city.

It will be “felt in countries around the world” and there will also be “volcanic fire coming from the center of the earth” which will cause “an eruption around the new city”.

As for the location of the new city, it is a mystery. However, the interpreters of the prophecies of Nostradamus affirm that the new city is only a reference to the American continent, and not a real city.

According to followers of the French astrologer, the poems of Nostradamus are most likely related to Yellowstone. And if Yellowstone erupts, sulfur dioxide emissions could kill nearly 90,000 people and render much of the United States uninhabitable.

According to some scientists, in the worst case, the volcano will immediately destroy all life within a radius of 160 km, then the devastation will spread to a radius of 500 km, and the dead zone will soon extend to 1000 km in all directions from the epicenter of the volcanic explosion.

All of North America will be covered in a huge layer of volcanic ash, which will lead to the destruction of the continent’s flora and fauna. People will have to breathe using only respirators, as dust will constantly hover in the air – tiny glass particles that are deadly to our lungs.

Many people are convinced that he actually predicted countless events hundreds of years in advance. Others say it is just a pun and that the French astrologer had no ability or way to see the future.

Despite this, some scholars believe he predicted Hitler’s rise to power, a man’s landing on the moon, and more.

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