Bob Lazar Reveals The Secret Elemental Fuel Used By UFO’s

There’s no doubt that Bob Lazar is a controversial figure in the world of alien/ET and the UFO phenomena. People such as Joe Rogan gave him a pass and said he believes he’s not crazy, and the more bob speaks the more we listen. Why is that? Perhaps its because he actually has something to say that we’ve never heard before, unlike most people talking simply about the UFO they saw in their backyard 27 years ago in Indiana.

Bob recently broke open the lid on an advanced form of fuel that is used by advanced UFO’s that we knew the type of fuel that is used by UFO’s and is now releasing to the public. It’s an element that has been called Element 115.

Back in 1988 and 1989 Bob Lazar worked for the Government in a secretive facility held southwest of Area 51 in the Nevada desert. He worked as a physicist on top secret Government projects related to technology, space and more at a place called S4.

Bob Lazar shared that S4 was a place in which he worked on alien aircraft, UFO’s and was playing a role in understanding these vehicles. He claims to have seen 9 different types of UFO aircraft. He shared that he has extensive information regarding the mechanism of propulsion behind these aircraft.

The big controversy stirs up when the past of Bob Lazar is brought to the forefront. The schools he supposedly attended have no record of him and the scientific community at large does not know or recognize him in any way. Some say this is suspicious while others claim that this is part of the plan all along. To make him anonymous, to discredit him. To make it seem as if he’s crazy and that he’s making everything up. What do you think? Personally, I think that Bob would have to have quite the vivid imagination to come up with everything that he shares.

Once again, Bob Lazar isn’t your neighbor talking about the UFO he saw once in his backyard in Indiana 27 years ago. Bob Lazar speaks of things that no one has heard of before and he connects dots between technology, UFO’s, the Government and other components of this world very well. Almost better than anyone. So what’s really going on here?

Bob Lazar Alleges Element 115 Used As Nuclear Fuel

Now, bob lazar alleges that element 115 which is used as a nuclear fuel for cars that are ‘under investigation’ currently. Element 115 is also called ununpentium, another name for this mysterious fuel element.

It is said that this element has very distinctive traits that allow it to do what it does. What does ununpentium do? You might ask..

Well, it is said to be anti-gravity itself. In other words, this element defies the gravitational pull downward. It’s mass is different than anything we’ve ever seen before. It is also said to be ‘antimatter’ so that it can create energy even under proton bombardment. In other words, it’s an incredibly versatile element that has traits for creating energy unlike anything else on earth.

The nucleus of element 115 is so much different than the nucleus of other fuels that it creates an incredibly powerful nuclear force field. This creates a distortion warping space-time. This then shortens the time from and to a destination substantially by ‘breaking the laws of physics’ in the favor of anti-gravity and unearthly speed.

is Element 115 REAL And Usable?

So here’s the crazy part. Bob Lazar isn’t all that crazy. Why? An accelerator investigation lead researchers to verify the presence of this synthetic element that Bob was referring too. In other words, it’s real. Will it be recognized and utilized? It remains to be seen. It has tremendously malleable properties, one can only think.

It wasn’t just proven in one accelerator. It was actually proven twice. Germany’s GSI accelerator did it as well. An international team of researchers created an element with 115 protons. This wasn’t the first time it’s been created. It can be done over and over again. Duplicated. Ununpentium is latin for 1-1-5 plus ‘ium’ which means to form names of metallic elements.

Element 115 (Ununpentium) was originally created in the early 2000’s

Believe it or not, the early 2000’s is when element 115 was created by the body of science. A team of Russian and US scientists created it. They then published a study on it in 2006. The IUPAC (international union of pure and applied chemistry) didn’t find the date complete to truly recognize the element however, or to give it the name ununpentium, yet.

The latest GSI studies are giving more validity to this element however.

It is important to note that this metallic element is completely artificial and not created in nature in any way. Because of this, and it’s malleable and volatile traits the knowing of how it could affect human health or the environment are unknown. No research or testing has been done in these areas. This is the same as other heavy-elements.

You cannot simply make this metal in a lab either. It requires a fushion process, nuclear reactors, and other forms of high profile chemistry reactions. Uranium, the heaviest nature made metal is comprised of 92 protons, so it still falls short of the 115 protons that Element 115 has.

How Element 115 (Ununpentium) is Created

Creating element 115 (ununpentium) is no small task at all. Remember, it’s synthetically created and requires quite a bit of equipment and the specialty of those involved.

The group of scientists in Germany at GSI dis this by attacking a thin film of americium (an actual element, not the continent). This element has 95 proteins along with calcium ions. Which each have 20 protons. The bobmardment of these joins the nuclei of the americium and calcium atoms to form the new 115 proton nucleus when combined together.

Element 115 (Ununpentium) is a very heavy metal element that decays very quickly. Like all very heavy synthetically metal elements. I wonder why this is? Maybe it is meant to be used quickly and by lasting longer than it should it creates issues with health or the environment perhaps? It’s interesting that it destroys itself quickly. Think about that. I’m asking ‘why’ here?

In fact, these elements only last 30 to 80 milliseconds. In other words, around 1/20th (or 5%) of 1 second! Talk about a FAST element! Perhaps the speed at which it burns is correlated with the speed at which the fuel can be used to create propulsion, speed and warp the time-space reality that it is said to by Bob Lazar?

It is very unclear if Ununpentium will be used for anything. It is unlikely that this highly conspicuous and interesting element will be found in future technology and gadgets.

Bob Lazar shared that this is the fuel for UFO’s, but there’s no proof in that regard yet. We really don’t know, unless one of you has a UFO in your backyard. Maybe you could test it for us and report back?

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