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Biblical UFOs: Mysterious Aerial Occurrences

The Bible is an ancestral work where various supernatural powers are mentioned, supposed to come from heaven. But, what if that force wasn’t God, but maybe sophisticated extraterrestrial beings? Several passages of the Bible could lead us to think about it.

Throughout the Bible there are several mysterious aerial events. For specialists, it is undoubtedly the power of God, although scientists mention that it could be extraterrestrials in contact with humans of the time.

UFOs in the Bible begin when Elijah has contact with a chariot of fire, which may have been a UFO and not a chariot of fire.

Elijah knew that his life was in danger and so he asked God to help him, when suddenly he was surrounded by chariots of fire as well as horses and in one of them he ascended to heaven, perhaps be is it an alien abduction story.

Then with Moses in Exodus. The Pharaoh allows Moses to perform the Exodus although he later regrets and decides to pursue the Egyptian Israelites. The Bible says that the water opened and let them through, and then Moses, with the help of God, closed the waters again.

Scientists now think it could be a UFO that flew over the water and that’s why it split open, when it moved the water returned to its square.

Moses and his people wandered for 40 years and it is mentioned that a cloud in the heavens guided and protected them, and at night gave them light so that they could continue their journey. How were the Israelites able to survive 40 years in the desert at 50 degrees Celsius, maybe extraterrestrial beings provided them with everything they needed.

One night Jesus told Moses to get up early and go up Mount Sinai, Jesus warned all the people to stay away except Moses who went up the mountain, when he was there it was full of smoke and the cloud penetrated.

And if it wasn’t a cloud, and if it was actually an alien spacecraft, maybe they wanted to show Moses something and they took it. When Moses came down from the cloud or the ship, he already had with him the 10 commandments, which Jehovah would have given to Moses inside the cloud.

Another of the events in which UFOs can be mentioned in the Bible, occurs when in the New Testament, Jesus is transfigured, “His clothes became so dazzling white that there was no lime on earth that whiten them further, Moses and Elijah appeared and began to talk with Jesus.”

How could they be there if Moses had been dead for centuries and if Elijah never died on Earth since he was carried by the chariot of fire in the heavens. It is perhaps the same UFO as that of the transfiguration of Jesus which took Moses and Elijah to this place.

Now back to the old testament with the Israelite prophet Ezekiel who was a prophet and preached the message of hope and salvation, the Bible mentions that Ezekiel was taken up by a celestial entity “when I looked, a stormy north wind approached, and a great cloud shone all around with a constant burning fire, and in the midst of the fire was the brightest brass.

What did Ezekiel see? He believes he has encountered God, but experts now believe he observed a UFO.

This is the most studied passage in the Bible and after so much study it is believed to be an alien craft. “I saw a wheel on the earth, as to the appearance of the wheel and its workmanship, it shines with the brilliance of crystal light”, likewise Ezekiel mentioned that they could go anywhere , like today’s alien spaceships, well as it is believed.

“As to the appearance of their faces, each had the face of a man in front, all four had the face of a lion on the right side, all four had the face of an ox on the left side and all four had the face of an eagle on their backs. »

What were these strange beings that Ezekiel describes, could they be extraterrestrials?

We come to the angels, those beings who are mentioned hundreds of times and who participate in the most significant events of the Bible, but what are angels? Some experts share the idea that angels and extraterrestrials are the same “thing”.

According to the Bible, Saint Peter, Patriarch of the Catholic Church, mentions that he was saved by an angel endowed with powers.

Apostle Peter mentioned that he was in a cell with his hands tied, when suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to him, he touched Peter and told him to get up quickly, the chains fell from his hands like by magic and Pierre left the prison.

This mysterious passage never mentions how the angel managed to enter the cell, although if he had the same powers as the aliens, it would be explained, because it would be thought that he passed through the solid wall like the beings from another world are supposed to.

Normally, angels deliver their messages in dreams, which is what aliens are supposed to do. Similarly, an angel warns Joseph that they want to kill Jesus and that he must go to Egypt.

Abraham is another of those biblical characters who have a relationship with the supposed “angels” or “sons of gods”, since they visited him in the form of three people who seemed to be able to read minds. They told him that his wife Sarah was going to conceive something that neither he nor his wife Sarah believed due to their old age, but when they left they realized that she was expecting Abraham’s child.

Most of these stories, which could be called alien stories in the bible or UFO stories in the bible, have a lot to do with psychic powers.

Finally we have Sodom and Gomorrah, the Bible mentions that these cities were sinful and because they had no rectitude they had to be exterminated, it is said that it began to rain stones of fire on these cities which caused put an end to these places and everything that lived there.

Some scientists believe that the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is true and even more so when it has been said that the places where these cities were located may have been found.

But what fell from the sky? Maybe the aliens used a nuke to wipe out those places that just weren’t good for them. And if they could do it now, why don’t they?

The Vatican has already admitted the existence of these beings and mentioned that they should not be demonized, far from it. And if one day the existence of these beings is proven, what will become of the Bible?

This will surely change the meaning of the Bible, as several miracles could be supported by the powers of extraterrestrials.

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