Mysterious UFO activity spotted on Jupiter’s moon

Interesting new details from sightings of Jupiter’s moon Europa have emerged. It is known that this cosmic body houses the largest ocean in the solar system.

Despite the 30 kilometer ice crust on the surface, thermal processes take place in the thickness of Europa, which melt the ice.

According to various estimates, its depth can be 70-100 kilometers. In other words, there is a lot of liquid water, identical to that of the Earth.

Recent studies have shown that from time to time the ice crust thins, and pressurized liquid water escapes in geysers to the surface.

Sometimes this action was accompanied by an inexplicable glow of a bright blue color. She was emerging from under the ice. The reason has not yet been clarified.

However, retired Morgan Allen, who worked for more than 35 years at NASA, recently shared information on one of the podcasts that American experts consider studying Europa to be one of the most difficult tasks. important. This is where representatives of a technologically advanced civilization can live permanently.

He drew such conclusions after seeing photographs from the satellite in 2016. They showed mysterious objects hovering above Europa’s surface.

Separately, a former employee of the agency said that in 2019 the Americans managed to film the release of liquid water under the ice. The geyser rose 15-20 kilometers, and at that time two UFOs plunged deeper. All of this action was accompanied by mysterious blue flashes of light.

Morgan Allen believes this is no coincidence, but deliberate UFO activity. It is entirely possible that there is an alien base under the ice, and at the right time they will drill or melt the ice using their technology. Thus, objects can fall into the ocean.

Unfortunately, the remoteness of the Earth does not allow real-time observation of what is happening on Europa, which greatly complicates the study of such phenomena on Jupiter’s moon.

Rumors have long swirled that Europa could be a habitable space body. In any case, all the conditions necessary for the origin of life are met.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that the local fauna on Jupiter’s moon is quite primitive, and that these objects that ended up in the NASA photos are the vessels of extraterrestrial civilizations that arrived from other star systems. . Possible only with a research mission.

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