Warning: “Do not contact aliens or they will destroy humanity”

Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest minds to ever walk the Earth, and he left us with a clear warning: alien contact could spell the end of humanity.

Hawking believed that extraterrestrials would not welcome first contact with Earth humans. In fact, he issued a warning: humanity must be careful. He also made mention of the planet Gliese 832c, an extremely hot “super-Earth” that could be home to extraterrestrial life.

Stephen Hawking’s Warning

Hawking speculated that the extraterrestrial contact could be similar to the encounter between Native Americans and Christopher Columbus.

The theoretical physicist thought that earthlings might one day receive a signal from a planet. However, they must be sure to respond. He hinted that this encounter would be similar to the one Christopher Columbus had with Native Americans. A meeting that did not end well.

It is possible for alien species to become murderous marauders who roam the galaxy in search of planets to plunder and colonize. It could mean the end of humanity.

Mr. Hawking’s warning first appeared on the Discovery Channel in 2010. In the program, he showed his fears about the destruction of human life by an alien race.

He also admitted that as he grew older he became much more convinced that humans were never alone in the universe. So he spearheaded a global effort to confirm it.

However, the professor was not only concerned about aliens. He mentioned a temperature that could reach up to 250 degrees due to climate change.

Climate change, an equally important danger

He claimed that this, like aliens, could end humanity on Earth. His warning was that if we didn’t do anything to stop climate change, Earth would get as hot as Venus.

He predicted that the planet could become a “hothouse”, in which the human race would be unable to survive.

Hawking was convinced that planet Earth had reached its tipping point and that global warming was about to become irreversible.

It should be noted that many academics disagreed with Hawking, arguing that such temperatures were not possible because we were much farther from the sun than Venus. Also, our world did not have a carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere like the gas planet.

Stephen Hawking’s warning, though few have aired it in the media, is heeded by members of the scientific community. Despite this, it seems that ego or obsession with proving who will make first contact with otherworldly beings could lead to our downfall.

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