Neil deGrasse Tyson: “We Crowd-Produced an Alien Invasion”

The famed astrophysicist is certainly not a fan of the phrase ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ or the idea of ​​an extraterrestrial visit

While chatting with Gear Patrol’s Will Saber Courtney recently for an interview on electrostatic watches, the conversation soon turned to the topic of UFOs.

Unsurprisingly, Tyson has remained somewhat critical of the modern UFO scene.

“Who are they fooling? ” he said. “Unidentified aerial phenomena? It’s a UFO! They just try to rename it. What’s wrong with them? They just rename it. They’re not fooling anyone. »

He went on to criticize the quality of recently released videos and images of unidentified objects spotted by US Navy pilots, such as the infamous “Tic-Tac” UFO.

Given the incredibly high resolution images we have been able to take of the surface of Mars and the successful launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, how is it that the only images we have of these objects are of such low resolution and blurry?

“You tell me there’s an alien in front of your plane, and the best you can do is a blurry monochromatic Tic-Tac?” Truly ? ” he said.

“And that’s in our atmosphere?” It’s here ? !? Can the plane see it?!? Truly ?!? »

Tyson also commented that with six billion smartphones in the world, one would expect that if there were extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, the images and footage would already be all over the internet.

“We crowdsourced an alien invasion,” he said. “Produced in a participatory manner. »

“If an alien takes you aboard a flying saucer, you can stream it. In the age of the smartphone, such a video does not exist. »

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