Ex-Navy pilot: “I saw a solid black cube inside a translucent sphere”

Ryan Graves, a former US Navy Lieutenant and F/A-18F pilot, was the first active-duty pilot to publicly reveal regular sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). He talks about his encounter with what he describes as a solid black cube inside a translucent sphere.

He claims that despite a wind of more than 190-230 km/h, the object was completely motionless in the sky, without moving neither up, nor down, nor to the left, nor to the right, and that he was following a so-called “closed circuit” trajectory, which means that he was not following a straight trajectory, but a random trajectory where he performed impossible maneuvers, such as a U-turn without slowing down.

After the F/A-18F was fitted with an improved radar system, pilots saw these kinds of objects of unknown origin on a daily basis and not only Navy pilots but also commercial pilots reported these extraordinary flying objects, like the pilot who captured a black cube at high altitude during a commercial flight, see the second video below.

We might wonder if these objects without wings or without visible propulsion are made by humans or if they are of extraterrestrial origin, the fact is that these objects with exceptional capacities exist and move in our skies for some reason.

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