Abductee Reveals ‘Hidden Secrets at Dulce Military Base’

Christa Tilton is a woman who claims she was abducted in the early hours of July 1987 by a race of extraterrestrial beings called “Nigerians”, who took her from a spacecraft to the military base in Dulce, New Mexico. .

Dulce Army Base, New Mexico

Christa was a normal woman until one night in the 1980s she was confronted with a mystery. She claims to have been literally abducted by extraterrestrial beings aboard a spacecraft.

They brought her to the ship, but she does not remember how, because she testified that she woke up lying on a kind of metal stretcher and that she was transported near a mountain that she identified without hesitation as one of the entrances to the underground military base in Dulce, New Mexico.

At the entrance to the base where she was taken, a man in a reddish-colored jacket and a long rifle was waiting for her.

She was taken inside the base in some kind of motorized transporter and given a very strange ID card.

She was then taken through the first underground levels until she reached a huge hangar that lay deep within the facility.

She claims to have seen flying saucers of what she describes as small in size, in which both humans and gray extraterrestrial beings were working.

There were a multitude of cubicles and hallways leading to a building with office-like rooms.

During his tour of the facility, he also passed tanks around 1.5m high, which he was not allowed to examine.

Christa Kilkon’s drawings reveal a secret underground base housing aliens working with humans.

But she points out that they gave off a strong and unpleasant smell. Tilton claims these vats were used to incubate beings she saw herself, which she defines as human/alien hybrids.

Drawings depicting what Christa Kilkon saw at Dulce Army Base.

Illustration detailing the dehumanization plan being prepared by aliens and humans at the Dulce military base

Tilton claims to have been artificially impregnated several times by extraterrestrial beings and that the fetuses were then “removed” from her. According to her, these tanks are there to continue the process of fertilization of fetuses previously removed from their mother’s womb, and thus take care of these hybrid beings who are recruited to replace the human race (homo sapiens-sapiens) by this new “super breed “.

She was then taken to a laboratory where a doctor was waiting for her. Panic seized her. She was tricked into processing some sort of blockage unconsciously and became immobile.

Then a gray alien with huge almond eyes came into the room and inserted some kind of large needle. A throbbing pain inside him made him think the worst. But the doctor applied an ointment that made the pain suddenly disappear.

The victim says it lasted about three hours. And he points out that he can remember this traumatic experience after undergoing hypnotic regression.

He can remember two different species of aliens, one gray, barely five feet tall, the other taller, but with similar features.

He vaguely remembers having been on the mothership of these beings, which was tens of kilometers.

More surprisingly, there is the case of another woman who claims that when she saw the photo of Christa Tilton she was sure she had met her aboard the huge mothership they both describe in their statements.

This phenomenon is increasingly common among people who claim to have been abducted and then recognize other “contactees” in these experiences.

Many mysteries hidden inside the Dulce underground military base have already gone viral, such as the alleged videos taken inside the facility where these tanks described by Tilton appear.

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