Project RedSun: “The secret arrival of humans on Mars”

The footage shown here is said to have been taken from a collection of secret and classified videos used to train astronauts and Air Force pilots. Discover the Redsun project (red sun)

On June 9, 1959, the United States government decided that the construction of a base on the Moon was of great importance to the country.

“Project Horizon” to establish a base on the Moon was created in response to growing interest from other nations as well as the Soviet Union in the weaponization and exploration of the Moon.

According to confidential information collected by independent researcher Luca Scantamburlo, in 1970 NASA organized two secret missions to Mars in collaboration with the Soviet Space Agency at the time, in order to recover artifacts from an ancient Martian civilization.

These 16mm images were taken from a collection of secret classified videos used to train astronauts and Air Force pilots in meetings to discuss a project called Redsun (Red Sun).

Little is known about these missions; the second crew would consist of Elliot See, commander, William B. Rutledge, pilot, and Vladimir Iiyushin aboard the IVV Columbus spacecraft. Mission control was established in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

But after three missions, the whole operation moved to the notorious Area 51.


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Groom Lake is located inside the most mysterious of bases, the infamous Area 51. From there, the photos were allegedly sent to Luca Scantamburlo through his secret personal contact.

The images would show Buzz Aldrin walking on the surface of Mars: “My source told me that the famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin would have been only the commander of the first secret manned mission to Mars (called WPXVI), a mission of 1970 and organized under the project he described as Project Redsun.

From these Martian expeditions, Lucas Scantamburlo obtained confirmation from another famous insider: moonwalker1966delta.

The self-proclaimed commander of Apollo 19, a mission that officially never took place, was supposed to reach the far side of the Moon to closely study the anomalies photographed during previous Apollo missions: primarily, a supposedly huge spacecraft that found on the Moon since time immemorial.

But Apollo 19 never reached its destination, due to a breakdown that threatened to kill the crew.

And the account that Moonewalker1966delta – the pseudonym under which a famous former astronaut hid – told Scantamburlo during an intense exchange of messages that would later become the book Apollo 20: The Disclosure .

The commander of Apollo 19 independently confirmed the existence of these secret joint Soviet-American missions to Mars, indicating the same name: Project Redsun.

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