The first repository of UFO documents will be created in the United States

The center will contain the largest archive ever devoted to the preservation and centralization of UFO records.

Although there is no shortage of information about UFOs, it is difficult for researchers to find what they want to know from the various government agencies, law enforcement authorities and archives that have the relevant data.

What is sorely lacking is a centralized, easily accessible repository of UFO-related documents.

That’s where David Marler comes in, a pioneering UFO researcher who has set up a new center – the National UFO Historical Records Center – at a site in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This center, whose objective is to preserve and archive everything related to UFOs, will allow everyone to easily obtain the information they need.
“Over the past few years, the US government has repeatedly released information acknowledging that the subject of UFOs and UAPs is a genuine phenomenon,” he said.

“Furthermore, in the civilian sector, there has been an influx of new researchers into this field of investigation. Many scholars and scientists are included in this group. »

“However, most of these parties do not have access to the vast array of historical materials and datasets in the hands of American civilian UFO/UAP historians and researchers. This is why the National UFO Historical Records Center was created to collect and centralize data in the United States. »

The realization of this project will depend on a number of factors, not the least of which is the availability of appropriate funding.

But if it does, it will be a big step forward for the field of UFO research.

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