OSNI would have passed by nuclear submarine at speeds greater than sound

Bob McGwier, a scientist who was on board the nuclear submarine USS Hampton, told in an interview about the incredible encounter he had with an unidentified underwater object during a secret mission, which exceeded the speed of sound underwater.

The allegation came from a scientist who was conducting classified work aboard the nuclear submarine USS Hampton. Bob McGwier told fighter pilot turned UFO researcher Chris Lehto how the sub was overtaken at astonishing speed while it was “(…) running deep and fast” in the late 1990s.

He said the encounter was confirmed by a crew member who was shocked by the speed of the unidentified underwater object (USOS). McGwier told Lehto Files YouTube channel: “We were underway and all of a sudden I heard a sound. It’s very strange because it was clear that what was happening was something passing us and moving so fast I couldn’t believe it.”

“This thing passed by us as if we were standing still.” He added: “A person with knowledge of onboard systems came along and said, ‘This damn thing is going faster than the speed of sound underwater – and it’s faster than the speed of sound in air. ‘”

Watch above, with subtitles, the interview with Bob McGwier.
Source:  Chris Lehto

“On several occasions, the instruments gave a reading of a material object moving at an incredible speed, greater than the speed of sound.” McGwier said the crew “(…) didn’t want to report, didn’t want to tell anybody, didn’t want to cause trouble.”

“Accelerating that fast is a challenge, even on the surface. But the water resistance is much higher. It was as if the object defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures that built it surpassed us in development.”

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