A mysterious pyramid in China: an ancient alien base?

A team of Chinese researchers, delving into the ancient mysteries of their country’s origin, have come to the inescapable conclusion that 12,000 years ago, “an interstellar alien race” used much of the north and central of China as a massive ground base.
China is at the center of legends, myths and stories of extraterrestrial visitors and many of them center on the Xiangyang Pyramid.Local villagers claim their ancestors spoke of great ships sailing the skies and using the pyramid as a landing and resupply site.

Investigation of extraterrestrial origins

The extraterrestrial hypothesis is “understandable and worth studying, [but] scientific means must be employed to prove whether it is true or not,” Yang Ji, one of the scientists and researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The science exploration team agrees that there is every indication that aliens used the giant structure as one of their main bases on Earth.

The anomalous pyramid rises nearly 200 feet above the countryside, with the surrounding area littered with eerie pipes and bizarre artifacts. China’s Xinhua News Agency sent a nine-person team to investigate the pyramid and report its findings. The team discovered pipes that run through the caves, and as they go deeper into the ground, they descend into the earth… to where?

The Agency succinctly states: “The pyramid has three caves with triangle-shaped openings in its facade and is filled with reddish-colored pipes in the mountain and one near a saltwater lake. »

Above the caves are dozens of conduits, all of different diameters, which mysteriously descend along the side of the mountain below the imposing pyramid. All the pipes are the same color as the surrounding rocks, a dark reddish brown.

In addition, other pipes and many parts are scattered on the ground in all directions. Some pipes follow the shore of a salt lake, while others are submerged in the water and under the lake bed.

Although the purpose of the pipes is officially classified as unknown, some Chinese scientists lean towards the idea that the structure is in fact the remains of an outpost or a space base.

The intricate pyramid extends far beyond what is visible and evidence suggests a highly technological network of pressurized pipes, water supplies and possibly fuel.

According to the date of the ancient site – at least 10,000 BC and possibly twice that – no human could have conceived it, as no serious advanced human culture existed long ago.

Qin Jianwen, head of the Delingha government’s publicity department, said fragments of some materials from the pipeline were taken for analysis. The coins contained mostly silicon dioxide and calcium oxide, but more than eight percent of the metal could not be identified.

“The high content of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide is the result of the long interaction between iron and sandstone, which means the pipes must be very old,” said Liu Shaolin, an engineer who carried out the ‘to analyse.

A riddle shrouded in mystery

Such structures exist and fit neatly into the unofficial history of China, a history that many scholars choose to ignore. Some historians have called early Chinese culture an “enigma shrouded in mystery.”

Records of ancient China are replete with tales of “sky people” and “god-men” who came from the stars and used the earth as a base for exploration. Along the way, these beings taught some of the primitive peoples who knew the basics of technology, engineering, agriculture, and the complex structure of the universe.

In the early years of the 20th century, two traders from Australia crossed into central China. In the vast plains they found over 100 pyramids. Locals told the two men that the pyramids were very old, some much older than China.

Other, younger pyramids date from the reigns of ancient emperors. Leaders often spoke of extraterrestrials and civilizations from other planets like Earth.

Some emperors even wrote that they were the offspring “of the sons of heaven, who had landed on earth on dragons of iron”. The “sky man” – some still claim – built the oldest pyramids.

Surprising ‘Dropa Stones’ May Provide Clues to Alien Bases in China

Translation of one of the 12,000 year old Dropa stones: “The Dropas descended from the clouds in their vessels. Men, women and children from nearby villages hid in the caves ten times before dawn. »

When they finally understood the sign language of the Dropas, they understood that the newcomers had peaceful intentions…. “. [Translated from the language of the stones by the man who correctly deciphered them, Dr. Tsum Um Nui].

The Great Pyramid of Xiangyang is just one of many mysterious sites indicating that one or more advanced races interacted with the primitive peoples of the earth. The famous Dropa Stones also provide strong evidence that the earth was visited by ancient astronauts.

The stones were found by Chi Pu Tei, who led an archaeological expedition to the dreary and rambling Baian-Kara-Ula mountain range in 1938. This mountain range, located on the Sino-Tibetan border, is the theater of many stories of interbreeding between extraterrestrials and earthlings.

While exploring a series of nearly inaccessible caves in the last mountain inhabited by primitive natives thousands of years ago, the team of scientists made an exciting discovery: some of the cave walls were covered with pictographs depicting scenes from the solar system.

Also, somehow, these ancient people had created a map of the heavens depicting the earth, sun, moon, and various stars linked with intersecting lines and dots.

Interestingly, the pictograph maps almost look like old trade routines or a guidebook for explorers. or a guide for explorers. Other pictographs depict fragile beings with bowl-shaped helmets on their heads.

But the team’s enthusiasm was just beginning. In one of the caves where the murals of the heavens were, they found a stone disc half buried in the earth. The disc had a thin spiral groove, experts cut the face from the center to the edge.

The disk they found is about nine centimeters in diameter and about three-quarters of an inch thick. The center has a perfect hole, which is three-quarters of an inch wide.

Once they found the disk, Tei ordered his team to dig deeper to get more information. They ended up digging for real treasure. A total of 716 discs were found, some in perfect condition, others cracked or broken into pieces.

Upon inspection, mysterious hieroglyphic symbols were found carved into the grooves. It is obvious that the disk contained some source of information.

Unfortunately, despite their potential importance, the discs have been forgotten for years in packing boxes. They were buried and forgotten in the dusty storage area of ​​a museum until Dr. Tsum Um Nui copied the handwriting from each of the surviving discs onto paper.

Dr. Nui deciphers the “Stones of Dropa”

The unknown hieroglyphs were so small that only he could read them with a small magnifying glass. An expert in deciphering ancient languages, Nui worked diligently for many months to decipher the language.

And finally, he did. What he knew was that it would change the known history of the world, if anyone would listen. Few did. On the stones was engraved an incredible story written at least 12,000 years ago by a fantastic people that the world has forgotten.

The documents relate to the journey of the Dropa on land. And how they crashed during their exploration of the planet and were left on earth, in an outside world unknown to them.

The spacecraft was in what were later called the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains, which are part of the Himalayas. Stranded, the lost travelers sought refuge in the caves – the caves where Chi Pu Tei and his scientific exploration team had discovered the discs.

“The Dropas came down from the clouds in their ship,” read another recording. “Men, women and children from nearby villages hid in the caves ten times before dawn.

When they finally understood the sign language of the Dropas, they understood that the newcomers had peaceful intentions…”

Yet another document speaks of extraterrestrials having bulging heads and desiccated bodies. At first the tribal hunters were sent to kill the invaders until people realized that the alien beings posed no threat.

Local villagers still tell legends about visitors who “came from the stars, a long, long time ago.”

After deciphering as many documents as possible, Nui wrote a book about this historic discovery for the Chinese Academy of Prehistory. They refused to publish it.

Although well researched and arguably fraudulent, the magazine’s editor told Nui that the world is not ready for such information.

The Chinese authorities under Mao were also very explicit in their reaction. They forbade the doctor to ask them to publish his book outside of China or even talk about Dropa stones.

Despite the order, Nui shared the information with some of his close colleagues and eventually part of the story was able to leak out to the rest of the world.

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