Top-Secret Project SIGMA: The Secret Human-Alien Accord Few People Know About

The US government concluded in the 1950s that, if the price was right, it was okay to allow Gray Aliens to kidnap a few humans.

The government is alleged to have found it highly beneficial to establish communication lines with extraterrestrial beings after shooting down many alien flying vehicles and obtaining the cutting-edge technology that was “dropping at their feet.”

After all, the concentration of extraterrestrial technology would provide the US an advantage in terms of technology for both informational and military uses.

The SIGMA project was one of the first to address this issue. a partnership founded in 1952 by the NSA/CIA alliance. Conspiracy groups use a variety of names for this project, including the TAU IX Treaty for the Preservation of Humanity (as Dr. Dan Burisch describes it), the Greada Treaty, or the Edwards Accord, which was called after the air force base where the memorial gathering was held.

The fundamental objective was to create the conditions for meaningful and fruitful interactions between humans and extraterrestrials.

Scientists working on Project Sigma were able to find an area in space that included a suspicious collection of asteroids using what we would now consider primitive technology from the period, as well as technology combined with that found on crashed UFOs. They quickly received a response to their signal message, which allowed them to set up a meeting.

However, another alien entity that was closely monitoring our planet also picked up on communication.

The senders were contacted by a species known as The Blues, who cautioned them against making any agreements with the “others.” The Blues refused to part over any of their technology in a similar agreement. Instead, they offered to help us advance spiritually. They just requested that all nuclear and other arsenals be destroyed worldwide in exchange.

They stated that we humans, as a youthful race, are ill-equipped to make use of either the might of their own technology or nuclear power. In both situations, we would only use it to harm ourselves.

The fact that we are murdering one another, damaging the environment, and squandering the Earth’s natural resources was also cautioned against and criticized.

The human committee rejected their offer out of extreme suspicion and prejudice, thinking that nuclear disarmament was not in the interests of the United States while also being power-hungry, and their attention was now directed toward obtaining the extraterrestrial technology that the Grey race had so generously offered.

On April 25, 1954, at Edwards AFB in southern California, the diplomatic endeavor came to a conclusion. According to some reports, the encounter took place at Holloman Air Force Base, six miles southwest of Alamogordo, New Mexico, two months earlier. The communication between the representatives of both planets is said to have happened telepathically.

But the deal’s conclusion is what truly counts. The compensation provided to the Gray aliens.

The aliens’ stated purpose was genetic in nature, although it is uncertain what their true objective was. According to the Grays, their DNA had experienced severe deterioration and their species was vanishing. To get out of this predicament, they were in dire need of a solution.

They wanted full, unfettered access to the human DNA so they could create a steady process for gray-human hybridization and assure their survival.

Additionally, they made some of the following claims:

The United States will withhold all knowledge concerning the Gray Race’s existence on Earth from the rest of the globe.

Acts of alienation won’t be prevented. We won’t put up with any meddling.

The building of multiple subterranean bases will be supervised by the US. Both Grays and humans would work at the bases. First, workstations were constructed in the former subterranean facilities of the Atomic Energy Commission.

The Grays would be allowed to kidnap a certain number of individuals, who would then have to be returned intact with their memories erased, by the United States (ie not remembering what happened to them).

The National Security Council must provide its clearance before the Grays may choose who would be abducted.

The US would get powerful weaponry, electromagnetic and gravitational propulsion systems, mind control technologies, and alien implants from the extraterrestrials.

Dwight Eisenhower, the president at the time, is alleged to have observed and signed the deal.

Numerous people have asserted to have been present during the discussions throughout the years, and numerous admissions have subsequently surfaced. Gerald Light, the head of a well-known metaphysical group at the time, is one of them.

My cherished friends: I recently got back from Edwards Air Force Base, often known as Muroc. The report is shockingly accurate! I observed five different types of aircraft being examined and used by Air Force personnel during my two-day visit—all with the Aetherians’ assistance and consent! I am at a loss for words to describe my feelings. Finally, it took place. It now belongs in the annals of history,” wrote Light.

Unfortunately for us, it appears that the Grays started breaking the Treaty fairly fast. Over the agreed-upon number of abductions, many human experimentations, and cruel treatment of individuals who refuse to participate.

The US administration became aware of their deception in the early 1960s and sought to terminate the arrangement and if at all possible, drive the Grays off our planet. They were unaware that the Grays weren’t very eager to leave and relocate.

More extraterrestrial races that are friendly to humans are attempting to release us from the price mankind is now paying for this.

Although the entirety of this tale may seem like it belongs in a science fiction novel or film, it is said to be entirely factual.

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