Homecoming NASA’s Orion spacecraft took one last stunning photo of the Moon

On day 19 of the historic Artemis I mission, a camera mounted on the uncrewed Orion spacecraft took a striking photo of the Moon.

The Orion spacecraft has completed a powered flyby of the Moon – the longest so far – as it begins the final part of its 25-day mission.

“We have completed our flyby of the Moon and we are returning home! NASA tweeted .

Orion will travel 380,000 km to return to Earth, and its reentry into the atmosphere is scheduled for December 11, with a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. If successful, the spacecraft will complete a 2.1 million km space mission. This would allow astronauts to make the trip on the Artemis II mission in 2024 and return to the lunar surface in 2025.

NASA said the mission has not yet experienced any major issues. There was a minor issue when the spacecraft lost communication for about an hour.

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