A “mother ship” was filmed in South Korea

In recent years, a large number of UFO sightings have taken place around the world. This has led to an increasing number of videos being posted on social media. However, it is rare that we manage to capture a mothership, like the one we saw in Daegu, South Korea.

The appearance of a mothership in the night sky of Daegu, South Korea has sparked much debate on social media. Different researchers began to analyze the images and give their own impressions.

Mothership spotted in South Korea

Different researchers are very committed in this particular case. The images began to spread across the net, going viral a few days ago. We can see a large luminous object hiding in the darkness of the night.

The video was captured by two men in the city of Daegu. They were chatting when one of them rolled his eyes and noticed a strange luminous figure in the darkness.

He quickly alerted his companion, who did not hesitate to assure him that it was a large UFO. Both subjects claim that the UFO was so massive that the video does not show its actual size.

For this reason, several researchers have suggested that it is most likely a mothership, although many skeptics claim that the video was “created” to gain the attention of the general public, and that many people in South Korea said they were horrified.

In particular, they claim to be intimidated by the size of the shadow of a possible mothership cast across most of the sky.

Something is wrong ?

According to experts, the UFO attempted to make contact with the townspeople, but something happened to prevent the interaction. Others speculate that the main purpose of the craft was to intimidate people and feed off the energy of the city.

This event had a great impact on alien and UFO enthusiasts and researchers. Especially after the announcement, a few days ago, of a huge object that would feed, once again, on the energy of the sun.

Is it possible that something is being prepared that we don’t know about, and is it normal that in a few days, 2 motherships will be observed in the solar system? Although no official voice has been spoken on the subject, users have expressed their concern.

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