Alien Expert States We Are Now Sharing This Planet With A New Species

A researcher during an interview recently made some bold claims about how we are sharing our planet with a new species. The interview was with best-selling author Alexis Brooks.

Believe it or not, at this same time Brooks met with a ufologist named Rodwell, who has become a well-known person in the study of occurrences involving what are known as ‘star children’ which are said to be a race of alien-human hybrids with cognitive capacities beyond most of the human population.

Rodwell shared that these humans are exposed to their experiences through regression therapy. Regression therapy is a form of therapy that asks you to go back in time and to revisit the event or events that occurred.

Rodwell had done this with several patients that claimed to be abductees.

She believes that syndromes like Asperger’s, ADHD and possibly more are resulting from genetic manipulation by a species that is technologically superior. Simply put, ET’s depositing their seeds into humans to modify DNA and develop a new type of sentient beings that will serve as an explanation as to why they have recurrent earthly inspections.

It’s tough to say whether this theory is accurate or not. Or if the effects of Asperger’s, ADHD and other developmental delays (essentially) could also be the cause of certain dietary and medical decisions by the parents before the child is even born. Who really knows. We do have a interesting conversation with here here:

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