“There is only a 13% chance that humanity will make it to 2100”

Christianity and many other religions claim that God gave all humans a soul, the “breath of life”, which is the essence of consciousness (the ability to be aware of the past, present and future) and the essence of their consciousness of being.

Christians believe that we were created in the image of God and that we are part of God, the Creator of our Universe and probably many other universes. As a religious physicist, I have argued that God is an infinite (or at least higher dimensional) entity that can exist simultaneously inside our universe and outside our universe via the Holy Trinity.

Therefore, I struggled to understand how we finite humans residing in a finite four-dimensional (x, y, z, and t) space-time could also be part of God, who is probably infinite. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, also resided in our four-dimensional universe.

There are details associated with his glorious resurrection that I believe can offer tremendous insight and clues into what our souls may be. Thinking about it, I had a sort of epiphany that I’m going to tell you about.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the human being is his ability to create. Creation, in a sense, requires the ability to “think outside the box” and distance or separate the mind from the problem to be solved or from studies as an external and unbiased observer.

In fact, mathematics could be seen as our effort to establish a logical model for our seemingly infinite capacity to create (at least in our minds which I call the playground of infinities).

Yet our mathematics goes far beyond conventional four-dimensional spacetime—beyond our scholarly and physical intuition—and predicts higher dimensions (as required by string theory, for example) and even non-Euclidean spaces (lobachevskians and riemannians) which were later integrated into Einstein’s relativity (via the curvature of spacetime).

So, it would seem that there is something fundamental associated with our ability to create that can transcend space-time and biology and which I believe is an integral part of our soul.

When Jesus perished on the Cross and was resurrected three days later, many witnesses testified that he could walk through walls. How could a person living in our universe be able to walk through walls? Well, if one lives in a higher dimension encompassing our universe, it becomes very easy to walk through walls.

It reminds me of the famous novel Flatland, where a three-dimensional sphere visits a two-dimensional square imprisoned in a two-dimensional prison, and the sphere appears (squared) as a two-dimensional circle, whose diameter first increases, then decreases, and finally disappears.

So if the resurrected Jesus had higher dimensional properties, then his ability to literally appear and disappear from rooms and walk through walls might be a logical possibility. Beyond that, considering all the miracles attributed to Jesus, where and what was his source of energy? How could God appear to Moses in the form of cold fire? Couldn’t they be from other dimensions that we just can’t see?

Furthermore, I have always wondered how souls could manage to traverse all the dimensions of our Universe – assuming it was limited, and if they wanted to – without the journey requiring thousands of years. assuming they travel at the speed of light.

For pure energy traveling at this speed, time stands still, but for those of us who are rooted in physical matter (i.e. have a physical body), we can never witness their complete journey to the edges of space-time during our lifetime.

So it occurred to me that, like God, we must have a component of our being that transcends four-dimensional space-time, as we can so easily do in our imaginations. With this in mind (literally), our soul must be infinitely dimensional, or at least higher dimensional, to enable our creativity.

Then travel over huge distances (e.g., parsecs) becomes trivial for the untethered soul – moving from one point in four-dimensional spacetime to another – moving to a higher dimension and back to four dimensions. For example, traveling from the North Pole to the South Pole along the curved surface of the Earth is much longer than going through the center of the Earth.

Wormholes have been touted as a way to enable and facilitate the surprisingly huge distances associated with space and/or time travel.

These distances may be almost impossible for us four-dimensional creatures made of matter to travel (with the exception of Jesus, of course, the Son of God – the Creator of all), but our soul can probably travel them easily if it possesses a higher dimensional component.

Seen in this light, we can better understand how a resurrected person may be able to appear out of nowhere and walk through walls with ease. There are of course other ways (eg the Quantum Tunneling Effect) to cross seemingly impossible barriers, but that would take us too far.

The human soul is a small piece of an infinite whole

We can also better understand the efforts of those who seek to deny or alienate us from God to “prove” that all of our existence is completely confined within the “reality” of four-dimensional space-time which, in my view, does not exist. is not completely.

We live in a kind of space-time “bubble” that works very well according to its own principles of physics. However, the very fact that our universe extends into nothingness, just as the surface of a two-dimensional balloon extends into three-dimensional space, demonstrates in my opinion that there are higher dimensions outside of our universe. Even string theory predicts this.

Materialism can be seen as an attempt to confine our free spirits to transcend dimensions within the limits of our universe and to forget that we have something much greater within each of us and to hide and make us forget the probable infinitely dimensional Creator of time-space and many other universes of potentially different dimensions – God.

When our material/physical bodies perish, our infinitely dimensional or higher dimensional soul returns to its Creator and escapes the confines of our universe. In my opinion, our souls are tiny pieces of an infinite, yet ever-growing whole.

This is how we were created in the image of God – we are infinitely or at least higher dimensional pieces of God. I do not claim that my simple theory explains everything, nor that it is necessarily “correct”.

It’s just a theory, of course. But it certainly inspires me to continue the quest for a better understanding of my Creator which I suspect will never end.

It also demonstrates that science and theology are not at odds with each other but, in my view, mutually inspire and complement each other.[9] You can be a scientist and believe in God, despite those who ignorantly claim otherwise.

I’ll end my essay with a vision that I can’t get out of my head. It is a large number of fireflies (souls), generating their own creative energy/light in an array of different universes of varying dimensions, flying through the endless expanse of darkness/nothingness, illuminating it , all in the presence of an infinitely brilliant light (God) who created them all.

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