Large number of UFOs spotted in the Gulf of Mexico

A Mexican Air Force surveillance plane was patrolling the Gulf of Mexico looking for drug smugglers, but its infrared camera captured a stunning sequence of glowing orbs.

It happened in 2004 but was only released recently.

For almost a minute, 11 of these orbs can be seen which appear to be flying in formation, and as the plane turns to follow the objects which appear to be disappearing, the cameraman declares that “what he has filmed is real”.

The Mexican Secretary of Defense released the video for the scientific community to study. MJ, a reporter who specializes in the inexplicable, was investigating the incident when this sighting became public.

Many people within the UFO community have become enthusiastic about UFOs operating in fleets, and these orbs are reminiscent of World War II fighters seen by the pilots who accompanied them.

During the incident, the surveillance plane crew counted 11 objects, but only three showed up on the plane’s radar.

This is a real UFO video that was taken by the Mexican military and verified as real.

There is a theory that it could be a fleet of planes flown by drug traffickers, but these objects are never far from each other and so this hypothesis has been ruled out.

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The phenomenon of orbs of light known as spherical lightning is very rare and usually only occurs one at a time and does not last long. We therefore believe that the probability that it is several flashes at the same time is non-existent.

Another weird thing we call… A real UFO sighting, don’t you think?

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