A Mysterious ‘Alien Satellite’ Has Been Spotted and NASA Cuts Transmission

What if the extraterrestrial satellite dubbed the “Dark Knight” wasn’t a thermal envelope like NASA would have us believe?

On December 11, 1998, on the ninth day of the International Space Station construction mission, the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour, while unpacking new hardware, noticed something strange.

They could see an irregular shadow floating some distance away, and quickly took pictures of the oddly shaped object, but its dark color made it difficult to identify.

Almost as if it were meant to be camouflaged in the darkness of space, the astronauts took pictures of the unidentified object.

When people saw this photograph, they were convinced it was an alien spacecraft or some kind of UFO, but that raises a question:

What could this anomaly be? Indeed, when we think of a satellite, we normally think of something spherical or obviously fabricated, but this one is oddly tilted and curved, like nothing the human mind could conceive, draw or build. .

After reviewing the photographs, NASA claimed the mysterious object was just a thermal envelope that was released from the space station during its construction.

But given the strange shape of the mysterious object, many find this explanation hard to believe, instead claiming that the footage is evidence of an alien spacecraft.

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An alien satellite in Earth orbit known as the Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight satellite is one of those really curious puzzles, and the theory goes that this thing is a kind of “silent Sentinel” in space and very difficult to locate.

It is said that it was not built by human hands, but if there really is a satellite revolving around our planet and built by extraterrestrial beings, Bennett naturally raises the question “what is it doing here? “.

The best wildlife documentaries are those where the animals don’t know you’re there and the Earth is under surveillance. We then assume that we are the animals, and so it makes extremely logical sense to place a satellite in orbit in space.

Especially if it’s there and could be seen before humans created satellites, as it was when it was detected in 1954. They just observe, gather information about us, and transmit information and messages about us to the alien home planet.

Think of the space program: we do the same thing with all the missions that we send to Mars, with all the orbiters and even the probes at the edge of the solar system; a probe of the center of extraterrestrial civilization must hover above the Earth.

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