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The day an ‘alien baby’ was captured by the Russian military

A case that would have taken place almost 40 years ago. Russian military reportedly captured ‘alien baby’ after UFO crash.

On July 14, 1983, east of the Sea of ​​Aray, in the village of Sosnovka in Russia, a stampede was heard which caused the villagers to flee, the sky turned purple and a fire broke out in the nearby forests. This indicated to the villagers that an unknown craft had fallen from the sky.

The police were the first to arrive on the scene, but unable to put out the fire, they called in the army, and late at night a helicopter illuminated the remains of what could be a metallic object…

After that, the Kremlin agents intervene and take the necessary defensive measures because the object fell near the border with China, and it is believed to be a spy object.

There they found an oblong metal capsule about one and a half meters high and wide, with legs protruding from the bottom and a small hole in the back.

When the soldiers managed to open it, they were surprised to find a baby about a year old, 66 centimeters tall and looking like a fully human baby at first glance.

The baby was sleeping and in perfect condition. The baby was immediately transported to the Frunze Research Institute, where a hospital was set up to examine the little one.

The colonel in charge didn’t let anyone touch the child until the experts arrived, he said that for some reason the child had been ejected from some kind of vessel in a dangerous situation and had landed on earth.

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When specialist doctors arrived they examined him and realized he wasn’t quite human as he had no navel and a strange membrane connected his fingers and toes. The doctor said the boy must belong to an aquatic species of extraterrestrial origin.

His eyes had a purple tint, when exposed to X-rays they could see that his hips were very similar to humans, the only strange thing was that his heart was a bit bigger than humans.

The doctors were struck by the fact that the brain activity was much higher than that of a human being, which led them to suspect that the baby possessed telepathic or telekinetic abilities, the strangest being that the child never closed his eyes, even when he slept.

For three months, the baby was examined daily by an internist, an anthropologist, a biochemist, a physicist and a psychologist, who tried to provoke some kind of stimulation without success.

The child, who was called Kosmic, swallowed liquid in small quantities, sometimes went for several days without eating, until he began to have serious difficulty breathing. In just 24 hours, the child developed an infection and eventually died.

This is the amazing case of the extraterrestrial baby that would have already fallen into oblivion many years ago, but that we now find with a video and surprising details…

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