“A giant cave has opened in Antarctica”: an extraterrestrial base?

Could it be an “alien base”? Who created this cavity under the mountain? These questions are important because, for the moment, we do not have more information on the shots made in Antarctica…

In Antarctica, hundreds of objects and formations are discovered over time that seem to have nothing natural or earthly about them. Some of these “objects” can be explained, but others are beyond our comprehension.

A continent supposedly unexplored in its entirety until now, but which surely hides a great secret for humanity, and perhaps that is why the great powers do not want you to be able to be there freely and enter in its hundreds of kilometers of snow (or without snow in some parts).

Google takes care, so that the government does not let us see it, of an even whiter spot of thousands of kilometers in its center. Hot air that sometimes raises the temperature on this continent, and the solution to silence us is that there are volcanoes, but we know better.

“Signals picked up at certain times that we think come from space and yet they come from inside Antarctica…”.

A continent that hides more than we think and that, perhaps, under these layers of ice, or even on its exterior hidden by Google’s satellites, is perhaps inhabited by a race from another planet or unknown to us.

The formation we see in today’s video is very mysterious and we are asking ourselves more and more important questions seeing how much it resembles others we find on the coasts of this continent.

Artificial, terrestrial or extraterrestrial? We leave you the final word without more information on this new video that leaked a few days ago on the net and without any context, but what is intriguing is that in the face of these signs we have Still no response from agencies. Why that ?

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