Singer Camilla Cabello says she filmed a UFO

Singer, songwriter and actress Camila Cabello appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and said she filmed a UFO.

Most of us have seen, at least once, something in the sky that we couldn’t explain. I’ve seen what I believe to be out-of-this-world spaceships a few times, all at night. On these occasions, I never really managed to film or photograph what I had seen. Why am I saying that I believe these craft came from another planet? Because the motion and trajectory I observed of these objects could not be attributed to any known Earth technology. That’s why I believe.

A few of us, however, were lucky enough to have photographic evidence of their sightings. This is the case of Cuban-American singer, songwriter and actress Camila Cabello. Cabello appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and featured video taken by herself in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. In the video, a strange object is seen moving at full speed between the sky and the mountain.

Fallon’s Revelation

During his conversation with Fallon, the artist clarified that the incident happened while she was trying to take a photo of her parents in the national park. She explained that the subject interested her family but that she remained skeptical and preferred mundane things, such as nature, to UFOs. Due to her skeptical mind, she suggested that the aliens may have relied on her to capture the event. “My dad started looking at the different shots, and he saw this object, when you slow down the clips. Guys, seriously, I slowed down the video, and I think it’s likely that we have a UFO,” she said. Cabello revealed to the public that she was really hesitant to show them the video. Indeed, she said that if the extraterrestrials trusted her, having been there, she didn’t want them to think she was exploiting them right now. In response, Fallon joked that aliens probably don’t watch the show, so she needn’t have worried.

The famous singer argued that the object she recorded was not a bird or anything less mundane. “And there is another one that appears from the mountain on the left, behind the other mountain,” she added in reference to a possible second object in the same shot.

UFOs are a thing now

This reveal from the artist was met with subdued laughter from the audience. This testifies to a certain evolution in the field of ufological media. I have revealed it in many articles on UFOs. I explained that the point of view on UFOs and the way people perceive them has changed a lot. There has not yet been a thorough analysis of the video footage, but Patagonia and Chile are generally considered hotspots for increased UFO activity. It is possible that the singer will hand over the images to experts so that they can study them properly. And if I am convinced that there are things in our skies that come from other planets, we must avoid jumping to conclusions.

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