Azul pilots see UFO in flight over Santa Catarina, Brazil

Azul pilots report sighting in mid-flight.

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Azul pilots, who were on a commercial flight from São Paulo/SP to Porto Alegre/RS, reported seeing a strange light when passing over Santa Catarina, on Saturday night, October 22nd. What intrigues aviation is that there was no other aircraft on the radars in the same region.

The professional’s conversation with the air traffic control tower was recorded by a live broadcast, which captures communications from the region’s airspace control sectors, while showing the movement at Salgado Filho International Airport, in Porto Alegre.

Thus, as can be seen in the recording below, when Azul flight 4517 was passing over Santa Catarina, around 10:30 pm, the transmission captured several moments of the pilots’ communication reporting the sighting of a light, and neither they nor the flight controllers air traffic, they had on their radars some other plane that corresponded to what was seen.

The moments when there are UFO quotes are as follows (at the time seen in the upper corner of the video): 22:29:00, 22:29:47, 22:36:40, 22:41:40, 22:43: 57, 22:45:07, 22:46:26 and 22:54:30.
Source:  Camera Aeroporto Salgado Filho BrAmigos

In one of the moments, the pilot comments that “(…) there was no traffic circuit pattern” in the movement of the light, being “a random movement”, and in another moment, he also describes that “( …) appears and disappears, appears and disappears, several times during our flight.”

Later, the air traffic controller informs the pilots that it would pass on the air defense contact number, so that they would pass on as much information as possible about the sighting. The information is from the Aeroin website, specialized in aviation. So far, no explanation has been given for the sighting.


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