A Venusian race landed on Earth thousands of years ago

Did inhabitants of the planet Venus arrive thousands of years ago on our planet? Could these beings be the “guides” of humanity? On this occasion, we will reveal some surprising theories.

For decades, NASA has presented certain aspects of the physical nature of Venus through the American probes that have ventured into the area or were created on its territory.

Spokespersons for the exploration missions spoke of a particularly harsh environment, consisting of carbon dioxide-laden air, hellish barometric pressure, scorching hundreds of degrees of heat at the surface and thick opaque clouds of sulfuric and charged acid.

In short, a world that does not allow to generate any life of technical support, a planet that does not mean at all the desire to make a small Sunday excursion or to install a holiday club there.

However, in 1989, a file was declassified by the other side of the Atlantic, and this in the greatest discretion, until, twenty-five years later, this document remains practically unknown to the public.

As incredible as it may seem, this question is linked to many contacts with humans from the planet Venus! He tells how the Venusians came and still come to Earth to meet men, sometimes the choice falls on humble citizens, sometimes on scientists and sometimes on high officials.

There are therefore two completely incompatible approaches to Venus: on the one hand, that of terrestrial science with its spacecraft and its seriousness as a rule, and on the other hand, that of a practically unknown report which supports the existence of a Venusian civilization and clandestine contacts.

Faced with this paradox, the usual reaction is to trust science and quickly forget this phase that changed the version of spatial reality.

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So that we can continue to sleep soundly! But our goal is not to continue sleeping in our beds. It is to know the truth and yes, the scientists, the hierarchies in whom we have unlimited confidence, have lied to us! The greatest lie of all time, aren’t they hiding from us that we are not alone in our solar system?

The possibility of life on Venus brings a revolution in thinking, as many of us think of the solar system as an oasis in the desert with only one Earth.

So how do we accept the idea that our space brothers and sisters are there, close to the neighboring planet, reaching out and patiently waiting for the green lights to flash in our minds?

The civilization of Venus, as described in a declassified report, seems to have solved all the problems, including the negative relations that we know on Earth, such as wars, crime and abuses of all kinds.

Not by a forced ban, but by the development of peaceful collective values ​​based on respect, understanding and love.

Through their repeated contacts with earthly personalities, the Venusians have come to offer us assistance which helps to solve the increasingly critical problems of society and the environment.

Whenever they mention this humanitarian and technological support, they suggest abandoning weapons of mass destruction and making the deliberate choice to engage in such a peaceful way.

These conditions, unfortunately, have been declared impermissible by the great leaders of our world…

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