Project “Moondust”: A Secret UFO Recovery Program

The US Air Force started the “Moon Dust Project” in 1957. This secret program was intended to recover and analyze anomalous objects, including extraterrestrial spacecraft.

The Moon Dust Project is believed to continue to operate and is administered by the USAF Extraterrestrial Technology Division. To date, alien spacecraft have been recovered on missions, which are still carried out by the same personnel.

The “Moondust Project”

The rescue and analysis of extraterrestrial objects has always been a priority for the US government. However, only the study of terrestrial technologies is publicly known. But the hypothesis suggests that objects of unknown origin were also captured.

Rescue and investigation work is carried out by the same personnel, but most attempts to recover crushed or downed objects have been unsuccessful.

This work is carried out in the greatest secrecy and includes test firings, during which high-powered projectiles are fired to test the strength of the surface.

But recovered artifacts, classified as dangerous or unrestorable, are believed to be ultimately destroyed.

Objects recovered by the project

40 years after Project Moon Dust was launched, a freedom of information request sent to the Air Force released a series of documents describing the following flying objects that were recovered:

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Kicksburg, 1965: A team was sent to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania to recover an object of unknown origin. We think he crashed in a forest. Eyewitnesses reported the object’s recovery, but the Air Force denied it.

Sudan, 1967: An object, presumably a satellite, was recovered. However, the description in the document released by the United States Department of Defense does not match its description.

Nepal, 1968: 4 unknown objects were captured.

Cape Town, 1968: On the South African coast of Cape Town, a domed object was discovered underwater, with no markings or identification. It was exposed to extreme heat and showed no signs of corrosion.

NASA said the object was made of “pure aluminum” and was photographed. He said it could be an American object, but nothing more. It was then recovered and analyzed.

South America, 1970: The Moon Dust Project studied a metallic sphere that fell from the sky after 3 explosions. The sphere burned for 5 days and had melted fittings.

Bolivia, 1970: In May 1970, the State Department described an unidentified object that fell in Bolivia. Newspapers described it as metallic and egg-shaped.

The Bolivian Air Force was assisted in the investigation by the United States. Panama and Paraguay also investigated the incident, but were told that on the day of the crash there was no evidence of an object entering the atmosphere.

Do they hide it from the public?

Both the US government and the US Air Force have denied all these facts. Although the published documents claim they were real.

For example, the Kicksburg incident is one of the best documented cases, with many eyewitnesses. All saw how it fell from the sky and was later picked up by military vehicles.

According to reports, the forest where the UFO fell was sealed off by the military

However, Project Blue Book documents indicate that no items were recovered from Kecksburg.

Currently, the Air Force is believed to operate a UFO research program. This is subject to the strictest secrecy and will continue with other government agencies.

In addition to Project Moon Dust, Project Blue Fly is ongoing. Both recovered UFOs.

It is possible that this incident is the key to other cases in which technologies of unknown origin have been recovered. Physical evidence of extraterrestrial objects could be real, but their existence would be denied by governments.

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