Ex-Area 51 engineer: ‘I flew in an alien spacecraft’

Besides Bob Lazar, there is another interesting person, Bill Uhouse, who claims to have worked in Area 51.

Capt. Uhouse served 10 years in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot and four years in the Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as a civilian conducting flight test aircraft. exotic experimental aircraft (F-89, B-47, F-102, etc.).

Later, for the next 30 years, he worked as an engineer for defense companies.

He died in August 2009, but his testimony to something incredible was recorded in an interview with him a few years earlier for one of ufologist Steven Greer’s documentaries.

Uhouse said that in 1958 he was invited by a man – whose identity has not been revealed – to work on a new secret technology.

Apparently, it was a flying disc simulator, which he claims was actually based on a redesigned 100-foot-long UFO that crashed in Kingman, Arizona, in 1953, and was saved in Area 51, which was still under construction.

Cooperation with extraterrestrials

The crew and survivors of this incident are believed to have been four extraterrestrial beings – more or less injured – who, after being “rescued”, were transported to Los Alamos to share and assist in the reverse engineering of the recovered wreckage.

Uhouse’s specialty was the cockpit and cockpit instruments – he understood the gravitational field and what was needed to train people to experience anti-gravity.

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In fact, he repeatedly encountered an alien they called J-rod (or Jarod) who helped physicists and engineers understand the spacecraft.

“Only one (alien) spoke to the scientists in the lab and the others didn’t speak to anyone,” he said, noting that the communication seemed to be telepathic.

“They really talk, but not like us. »

Alien technology at the heart of the action

The design of the discoid craft was so simple and sophisticated that nothing external could be adapted to it, such as machine guns or bombs like traditional aircraft.

Also, it took a long time for a person to train and adapt to how it worked.

As for the propulsion of the craft, Mr Uhouse pointed out that this object generates its own gravitational field and that there is therefore “no up or down” inside.
He also pointed out that what he worked on was different from what Bob Lazar called a reactor.

He did, however, explain that there was a space inside that could count as such, and that they had run the simulator with six large capacitors charged with one million volts each.

The full interview can be viewed below:

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