New Ufos – Aliens

A spectacular low-flying UFO was filmed in the United States

A camera mounted on the door of an American house filmed a strange UFO over Raytown, Missouri on October 13.

Scott Waring recently published startling images of an object flying very slowly and at very low altitude.

“We can see a strange object in the images and when it disappears, it changes its direction of flight. »

Raytown is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, 60 miles east of Raytown, a town called Knob Knoster, where Whiteman Air Force Base is located.

Could this be some sort of top-secret dark ship project from Whiteman? “The strangest thing is that it seems to move very slowly and also seems to be translucent. »

There are many secret projects, but most are outside the United States, including on islands in the Black Sea and islands in the Canadian Far North.

“It’s extremely interesting, it’s not easily unboltable like a balloon, plus it seemed to fly as if it was intelligently controlled.”

This is the kind of thing that really piques our interest, because recently a UFO was recorded near St. Louis, over a school and seen by hundreds of children last week and now this is happening, it is time to record everything we observe in the sky.

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“He’s not someone who runs fast late at night, it looks erratic and maybe this guy must have witnessed something.”

If this video is real, it needs anti-gravity technology to stay aloft at this speed and altitude.

One of the doubts that we can have while watching this impressive video is whether we are in the presence of a metallic or living object, that is, the possibility that it is a giant biological entity of the type found in the Earth’s atmosphere.

If it was a secret government project, why make it so easy to register? Few answers as usual, but interesting to have a debate and draw our own conclusions…

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